Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Peek

This post is going to be a little different today. It's going to be an hourly/behind the scenes/a look into the Shealy weekend life. I am feeling a bit quirky today so I'm blaming that for the reason behind the post! Also, I have a lot of photos of the kitties/coffee mugs and I wanted to share <(^-^)>. Click on the photos to make them larger

When I wake up, after much persuasion to leave the bed, I have to have my coffee. Well I don't have to have it (yes I do), but I just love coffee in the morning and my breakfast burritos (Allen and I lovingly call them BTOOOOOOOOOS! Ok. ok. Maybe I just call them that). I get Don Miguel's Triple Play Breakfast Burritos from Walmart, because I haven't seen them anywhere else yet and they. are. the. GREATEST!!! Burritos also have freckles like I do, and that's just neat. So there are all the reasons as to why burritos are my favorite. Oh...well *ahem* speaking of favorites, I also love my morning chats with Allen now that he's away for the Summer. Mornings would be so much more dim without talking to him.

The kitties periodically come say hi to me, though Sheik takes a little more coaxing since she's more timid. Sheik is finally becoming comfortable enough to lay sprawled out in the living room though, and it makes for more frequent lovin's. Lilly and I make sure to stretch out our muscles after waking up and having our coffee. (Lilly also likes to hog the laptop and make it nearly impossible to use.) Edit for any yoga enthusiasts: This is not a correct downward-facing dog pose. The feet and hands should be farther apart and your body and legs should be making a 90 degree angle. I was just trying to be cute with my cat.

Then I get ready for the day...sometimes. Here's a little behind the scenes look from the Fairy Tale post I did. I felt like a bad ass Princess Leia in the original trilogy with my braids and secretly wished I was yielding a gun and running around in a white jumpsuit (I can hear my mom now, "My daughter is a huge nerd." Psh yeah, whatever mom!). I was actually surprised with how well my makeup and hair turned out since I spent a total of 15 minutes getting ready. I ended up being the opposite of jumpsuit/gun yielding in my soft lace slip and sparkly golden shawl, but I still loved it, because it reminded me more of being an elf queen like Galadriel (Who is most definitely bad ass as well) from Lord of the Rings (Yeah mom...I know, more nerd stuff. She just doesn't get good movies/books).

Don't pretend like you don't want to be Leia.

 These pictures are from Mother's day last Sunday. There's my mom smiling with a little peep of my dad in the background. My little and only sister Brittany is in the picture below that with 2 of her favorite things, a cell phone and Funyuns. She probably finished them off 5 minutes after the picture was taken (the Funyuns not the cell phone).

 Making her second cameo appearance is the loveable and loyal Sweet Pea, our big and bad guard dog who shakes and hides under the bed when she hears thunder (Except she's too big so only her head and shoulders make it into hiding).  

Our Sundays are usually lazy and we just sit around and watch movies or whatever else is on T.V. and hang out on the deck. Friday we listened to music and played pool (or billiards will you) and Saturday we had a mother's day dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. So really Mom got a mother's day weekend. There's the spoiled rotten Tiger getting some affection from Mom and giving dirty looks to the camera. Boy is she the dirtiest cat you've ever seen. Seriously look:

 What she lacks in beauty, she makes up for in one of the greatest personalities out of any pet we've ever had. Poor thing also has a deviated septum and snores as about as loud as my dad. As the day turns into evening I try and play some piano, if Lilly allows, and then we start getting snuggled up and ready for some shut eye.

As you can see, Lilly has no problem sleeping. I hope you enjoyed looking into what a usual day looks like for me when I'm visiting the Shealy house! Stop by again and Mom will make you the best homemade meal you've ever had! 

Till next time,



  1. ahhh I want to give Sweet Pea a cuddle so bad she looks so cute! It looks like you are having such an awesome break. I would love to send you a couple of anatomical jewellery pieces, email me your postal address and I shall put a little package together for you xx

  2. What a nice post. Great having a window into your world. The hairstyle is so cute. Then again, so are you!


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