Monday, May 13, 2013

Naturally Inclined

Today was a natural day. I let my hair do whatever it wanted, left the makeup on the shelf and walked around barefoot. The temperature didn't get above 73 degrees, and the breeze felt heavenly. I walked down to go see our horse Pete and decided to take some pictures in my mother's beautiful garden. I'm not even mad anymore that it rained the whole winter, our Spring is one of the best ones we've had. Everything is green and healthy (except the little cactus outside which is all wrinkly from too much water) and the blooms are vivid. 

I'm wearing my crop top that I made out of a table cloth, and my pink gingham shorts passed down to me from my dance teacher. I always get a lot of compliments on the top, and I love how it makes me feel (Confident and sexy, yet covered and comfy). The shorts are from the 80's, and I adore their slouchy fit that makes them so cute and so comfortable and I am OBSESSED with gingham. It's the greatest pattern there is as far as I am concerned. I had quite the night as my silly kitties kept me awake with their shenanigans, but I'll have to write about that in another post. I also had a little miff with Allen. It's funny how you can still have little tiffs with people who you find absolutely perfect. Welp! I have to go take my mother to get her car from the shop! I hope everyone's week has been looking as beautiful as mine.

Top:Handmade by me
Shorts: 1980's hand-me-down

 Till next time,



  1. Live the dream, buddy. Live the dream.

  2. Ah man, I wish I could hang out in your garden with you it looks so fresh and pretty, as do you you gorgeous thing!


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