Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Earring Display

Problem: After a long day of sitting on my butt and occasionally getting up to go to the bathroom, I take my jewelry off in the bathroom and just toss it to the side of the counter. By the end of the week it is a cluster of shiny stuck together valuables (by valuables I mean 1 dollar earrings that start chipping after 3 uses).
Solution: Yeah, yeah so I could have a little chest in my bathroom where I could put them in, but my jewelry boxes are big and bulky and I don’t want them in there to get splattered on (Get on with it Jess). Ok! So I’ve been on a “things to do with picture frames” kick and decided to create an earring display using that!
Materials Needed:
  • 8x10 picture frame (I liked this size and got a black one to match the decor at *Wally World for $3.00)
  • Picture frame hanging wire (I found this at Wally World for $2.97)
  • Staple gun
  • earrings
*Wally World is our slang for Walmart.
Step Uno: Take the back out of the picture frame and untangle the wire (“Jessica this was an unnecessary step, it’s common sense”…To this I answer, why do you think McDonald’s has to write, “Caution Hot!” on their coffee mugs?)
*by the way that weird, brown thing to the left is a piece of steak…
Step deux!: Pick a spot near the top of the frame where you want to start stapling the wire to the frame. (I started up closer to the top so I could have more room to let the earrings dangle)
Step three: Just keep measuring down the distance you want in between each line of hanging wire (I used my earrings to measure how far apart I wanted them). When stapling, I left a little excess wire to wrap around the staple for extra hold.
Step 4: Just keep doing that until you have used up the whole frame! I only ended up having 3 rows of the wire, but you do what you want.
If you want the picture frame to be a different color, I'd paint it and let it dry before you started the project.

Enjoy =]



  1. Im totally going to have to make this! Thanks! :D

    1. Ooo you're welcome! I'm glad you like it =]

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