Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Indie Trendie

Gosh what a beautiful day it has been so far. I had to rush to class, because the school's bus systems are still sucking major monkey butt right now, but it made the walk to class so much nicer, and I didn't have beads of sweat running down my back (isn't that the worst?!). I usually bike, but someone was kind enough to relieve me of my bike, and so now I walk everywhere (dripping sarcasm here as my bike was stolen). I am tired today though since I didn't sleep so well last night. I woke up at 3am from a nightmare, and don't mind admitting that I had to coax myself back to sleep with the lights on, haha! My mornings start at 8am, and that may be a nice time for some of you, but Jessica Shealy is NOT a morning person, and she'd rather her days start at 10am. As long as I have my coffee, it's not so bad I guess. I do absolutely love my classes though, and I am closer to graduation! I can almost smell the diploma (and stresses of finding a big girl job).

 Whenever I went home to South Carolina in July, my dad's mother (Memaw) gave me a lot of her mother's old hats and jewelry and night gowns and it was the greatest. You'll be seeing more and more of what I got as I make more posts, but the first thing I'm showing is this wonderful flower cap. If you have been on the internet, even for just a little bit, you know that flower crowns are huge, and so I couldn't wait to put on this bad boy. Ok, so actually trends like this usually bug me, but who doesn't want flowers in their hair? This outfit isn't all too special, and I've worn it so many times, but now with the flower crown it has been made new again! Ah! I love it. Let me frolic in a field. Sidebar: Last time I frolicked in a field, I got a terrible rash all over my body as I forgot I was allergic to grass. Who is allergic to grass?!!! This girl. 

 Well I've got to do some homework and get ready for my next class. It's so good to be posting again.

Till next time,


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