Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hip Bone's Connected to the...

 How long has it been since I made a post? I've been dealing with personal demons the past month, and I just didn't have the motivation to make any posts. To be honest, it's been an ugly month for me as I've struggled with anxieties and big decisions. Instead of talking about it though, I'd rather just say I can't wait to read up on everyone's posts so your lovely faces can make my days brighter. 

 Do you ever put on outfits that are just totally not in your norm of what you usually wear? If you take a look at my blog, this outfit is DEFINITELY not what is in my comfort zone, but this absolutely amazing pin that the beautiful and talented Enid Twiglet made and gave me inspired me to be more edgy. I love it. It's a hip bone on my hip bone. Also, can I just continue to gush about how amazing Enid is, because she is so nice and lovely and sent me a few little trinkets that made me smile so big tears were in my eyes.

I'm honestly just so ready for school to start back up and everything to be in full swing again. This summer was weird and emotional and lonely for me, and I vow to never have a summer like it EVER AGAIN! Just kidding, bad times do happen it's the course of life and all that fluff *grumbles. At least today I feel like a rockstar. 

Thigh Highs:Walmart
Top: Forever21
Shorts: Outreach Thrift
Brooch: c/o Enid Twiglet

Till next time,



  1. You are a total rock star with hardcore tan lines :) That is such a cute top. Hope things pick up for you soon *hugs* I've missed your posts.

  2. Lovely outfit! thank for stopping by my blog!
    Followed u! Keep in touch<3

  3. Thanks for the update. Hope things improve for you.

  4. you look amazing! i hope you start to feel amazing real soon.

    i have been in a funk lately, too. it seems this time of year is always filled with doubts, anxiety, and trials for me. i keep trying to keep my head up but after being worn down for so long it's never easy. i mean, nothing is terrible, but self doubt is a bitch.

    anyway, let's get together sometime and tell each other how cute we are, okay?!

  5. This is indeed a bit more 'edgey' than what you usually wear, but humans are not one-sided ;)

    I'm sorry to hear it has not been a good time for you. Hopefully things will go better from now on.

  6. oh no, for some reason my comment disappeared. I am so glad you like the little bits I sent you, you look amazing. I hope everything starts getting better for you soon xxx

  7. Love this look and I'm so sad to hear you've been having a hard time. Anxiety is mean. I hate how it has an ability to make the mind believe everything negative. I hope things start looking brighter soon...

  8. Amazing look! super metal, total party ;) Feel better chicka!~ I was wondering if you want to do a postcard exchange? I have some from my trips and would be happy to send out a pick me up :3


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