Friday, November 30, 2012

A Little Spontaneity Keeps Conversation Keen

(Can you tell I like Mary Poppins?) Welp! It's been a good Friday so far y'all! I bravely went back online and checked what assignments I have to get done and planned out what I should do on what days so I don't procrastinate and have a crap ton of work to do the day they're due (note: this still could happen). I'm so stoked about Christmas break starting December 7th, and I've already been planning in my head what outfits I'm going to pack. I don't know about you, but I hate packing for long periods of time, because I'm more of a "wear what I'm inspired to wear that day" sort of person, and I never really have my outfits planned out beforehand. Even when I was younger and my dad would have me lay out my clothes the night before, almost always I'd be wearing a different outfit that day than what I had laid out. I still appreciate my dad doing that, and I do think it instills good organization and planning skills, but I like a little spontaneity from time to time!

I absolutely adore my outfit today and I feel like I could do almost anything in it (which is always a good sign). I like outfits that I don't feel held back in. I was so excited when I found these overalls in the thrift store last year, because I had been craving overalls for a while. Overalls get such a bad rap, but I think they are adorable and I'm here to hopefully change people's minds about them. They CAN be cute after your teen years! It's definitely a lot warmer than it has been, but not warm enough for completely bare legs so I wore my knee high trouser socks with these SUPER CUTE BASS OXFORDS my mom got me for Christmas. I LOVE them. They are the most comfortable pair of oxfords I own, and I swear they have pillows inserted in the heels.

Still going on fresh faced/no makeup. It's been really nice. I've never been confident enough in my skin to go completely foundation/powder free. Thank you Olay for that, I owe you. Anyways, here are some photos of knickknacks from around my kitchen. I noticed that I take pictures everywhere else, but there, haha! So here it is.

Long Sleeve: TJ Maxx
Knee Highs: TJ Maxx

That little owl is my favorite. I got him from Earth Bound in downtown Nashville and I haven't fallen out of love. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday (IT'S THE WEEKEND AAAH!). I'm going to head on over to the library and finish up some things I need to get done for school. Curse teacher's for cramming in tons of work before finals.

Till next time,


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Dreams That Leave All Worries Behind You

Finals are next week, and I am definitely starting to feel it today. I got really overwhelmed looking at all the work I have for the next week and a half and I lied down and cried, haha. That's usually how I handle most things I have to do, I get really overwhelmed at first and have this horrible feeling in my chest, I cry, I moan that it's too much to handle, and then I am fine and I realize that it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be. I mean people I act this way whenever I have more than 2 errands to run in a day, yeah, that's a glimpse of what it's like living with terrible anxiety. I went to a therapist with the help of my grandpa when I was 18 and after she diagnosed me pure OCD, I stopped going to her. I felt like all I needed to know was that something was out of the ordinary and then I could adjust accordingly; I know the problem so now I can fix it. I just wanted someone to tell me that, yes, what I'm experiencing isn't normal. I tried talking with my parents about it, but I was just told I wanted attention. Mom was easier to talk to and more supportive and tried to get me on medicine, but I didn't want that. It's a struggle, and I know how I react to some things is silly and over the top, but at least now I can tell myself that it's just the anxiety talking and that everything is going to be okay. For once in my life I also have a boyfriend who is very supportive and understanding which is helpful too. Just writing this post has helped me calm down, I feel better getting it off my chest.

I picked up this vintage secretary blouse at His House for a dollar, and I came home and immediately showed my mom and said, "How ugly is this?!" I meant it endearingly though, because I absolutely love it. You know the saying, "It's so ugly, it's cute." I feel that way about some pugs. Well I love it paired with my high waist shorts even if the shorts do need a good lint brushing (Oops).

My skin is painfully dry still. I picked up some Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin, and I'm still using my Olay regenerist serum, but my skin is still itchy and flaky. I haven't worn makeup since I got back to Murfreesboro, and I haven't felt like doing anything with my hair either. I desperately need a haircut, but I'm saving up my money for people's Christmas gifts. I'm so excited about what I've gotten so far! =]

Blouse: Vintage/His House
Shorts: F21
Tights: ?
Shoes: TJ Maxx

I hope everyone is having a much calmer Thursday than I am. I'm prep talking myself into going to Walmart and picking up some breakfast burritos and soup. I've also left a little song that calms me down.

Till next time,


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's the Holiday Season

 Happy Wednesday to you all! I just got back from my class, and I am super stoked to show you my little Christmas decorations around my apartment. I told myself I wouldn't post the photos until December 1st at least, but I got too excited (sorry to those of you who dislike early celebrators!) I don't have too many as I spend December and most of January at home, but I still like having a little something at the apartment (My parent's house is where the real deal decorations will be and I'll definitely be showing you those). I live for how much cozier Christmas decorations make your house feel, and the sense of togetherness the season brings. It's my favorite holiday, and I hope to share with you some of the special moments I have over the next month.

 My outfit today was very casual, and nothing too special. Well, except for my new faux leather coat. I found it at Columbiana Grande Mall's Belk in Irmo, SC, which made me feel so much better than Murfreesboro's (refer to this post) since it was much nicer and cleaner. I love the color and it feels already broken in and comfy. I have been wanting a faux leather jacket, but I've been so picky about the style and color. I'm glad Patrick was with me when I got it, because without his encouragement I probably would've left that one behind as well (thanks love!).

I really should invest in a tripod. I don't mind posing on my bed (and it's kind of become a signature), but it would be so much easier to take far away shots if I had a tripod and remote, and I could take pictures elsewhere other than on my bed in the apartment. Oh well, for now I'm still content with what I've been doing, and I'll be home with different scenery in a week anyways!

Long Sleeve:TJMaxx
Jeans:TJ Maxx
Vest w/ faux fur collar:Gift/Belk
Jacket: Belk
Necklace: Boyfriend's

I'm going to go get ready for my next class and fix me some left over turkey for lunch.
Till next time,


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY: Beautiful Bow Beret

I guess that title's a little misleading, I'm not making the actual beret I'm just spiffing it up a bit! I have these velvet bows that are super easy to make and I added combs to them so I could put them in my hair. I had the idea to attach the bow to the beret when my hair was just crazy this morning and it needed to be covered, but I still wanted to wear the bow. I shoved the comb through the holes of the crocheted beret and Voila! Beautiful Bow Beret: Stylish alliteration. I attached the combs (which you can get at a CVS or wherever) to the bows using hot glue and super glue since sometimes hot glue is hard to stick to things. You could also sew it onto the bow; there's just so many attaching methods!

And here's my outfit pour le jour. I'm in LOVE with these red boots. My Nana got them for me a couple years back as a gift. This dress is also the bomb. It's neutral, comfy, warm, and has pockets, what more could you ask for? I'm enjoying my day in watching old cartoons and eating this large, person sized bag of popcorn Patrick got for me from the movie theatre. I think I shall make some hot cocoa and pop in a movie and pretend I don't have homework to do. I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Tuesday.

Scarf: J.Crew

Till next time,


Monday, November 26, 2012

Titles are for Chumps

I'm back from my Thanksgiving hiatus! I would like to say that I have a bunch of photos to share with you, but I did not pick up my camera at all the past week and a half that I was home in SC. The break felt so much longer than it really was, and I enjoyed seeing and spending time with my loved ones. The first night I got there I went to support my love in downtown Columbia as he and a few others sang at Jasper magazine's    ...I'm not really sure what you'd call it actually. They were celebrating their newest issue that featured Patrick and about 7 other actors and actresses around Columbia, SC. It was really nice, and I could not be more proud of him. I wish I had the centerfold picture to show you, but it looked amazing and Patty Melt was sexy as usual. I do; however, have a few cell phone pictures of Finlay Park in Columbia from when I went with Patrick and photos of my outfit today!

Finlay Park (which I think is now called Riverfront Park?), though it's the hangout for a bunch of bums, really is beautiful. The leaves in South Carolina took longer to change than in Murfreesboro so I got to experience two different falls, and it really complemented some of the man made scenery at the park. It was also that special kind of warm where it's chilly in the shade, but the sun seems to bake right through you. It's Patrick's favorite kind of warmth. That was my third favorite day of the vacation. I'll have to share my second and first favorite in tomorrow's post. For now, onto my outfit!

Confession time. I've worn this outfit for the past 3 days. I haven't taken it off. Seriously. The only thing I did was take off my shoes whenever I went to bed. I packed up everything Saturday night, and so I didn't have any other clothes (Yeah, I could have kept some out to change into, but ehhh). Good thing I love it so much and it's really comfortable, but now I need to retire it to the wash...pronto. I found this J. Crew infinity scarf on the ground of a Wholefoods. I asked if it was anyone's and no one claimed it so I snatched it up. I also got this "ballet pink" skater skirt from Target. I'm currently obsessed with skater skirts and how flattering they are. I love that this length is long and the fabric is thicker than it looks.

 It was a rather long day. Not the kind of long like when I'm with Patrick and we pack really fun things in and it ends up feeling like several different days, but a tiring and boring long day. I'm ready to study my ass off for these finals and get the heck out of dodge. I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be one for the books =].

Till next time,


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pretty Things with Pedals and Wings

I made it home safely, and I've been enjoying everyone's company especially my mister's. I'll try to take some outfit photos as well while I'm here, but forgive me if I don't! I'm going to keep this text light since I should be getting ready to go out again. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Till next time,

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