Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pea Green with Envy


Here are little snaps of the outfit I wore yesterday. I love these tights, because they sort of glow as you can see in the first picture. They were a Christmas gift from my mom and they match my chipped green nails. I just suck at keeping nail polish on. Our friend Dillon gave me those earrings, and they are my new favorites. The other match has a cardinal on a branch, and Patrick immediately noticed it and knew they were the perfect gift for me (Because of my insane love for birds). I also got the cutest Coach clutch from our friend Amelia which I'll have to photograph for you later. I decided to add in a few photos I took last year around my family's property to beef the post up a bit. We have this storage trailer with a lot of vintage and other random trinkets, and it was fun searching through all of it. Also making a cameo is Lily, Pete my horse, and an insanely good brownie I had. 

I'm still getting over this mean sinus infection I have. One cool thing about being sick is I've been spoiled rotten and the antibiotics I'm taking say Lupin on the pills. It means bunny in french, and who doesn't love bunnies, but also it makes me think of Harry Potter's Professor Lupin. I can pretend these pills are filled with magic and werewolf hair. I hope everyone had a great week, I'm going to go get Main Moon for the second time this week and watch Patty play Halo.

Till next time,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I've been busy with Christmassy things, and I haven't taken the time to post. The day before Christmas Eve I helped Patrick's family set up their tree and lights, and then on Christmas day I saw Les Miserables. The movie was great! I cried the entire time. Russell Crowe left me disappointed, but it didn't ruin the movie for me. I definitely recommend that everyone see it though. As far as gifts go, this year was one of my favorites. I got an upgrade on my camera, a sewing machine (eeeee!!!), a super duper, I don't deserve this nice of tripod, my dad got me this cute mannequin-esque decoration and some clothes. I've been trying to figure out this new hunk of a camera I got, it's definitely smarter than I am. I hope I will get better quickly and figure out the darn focus and numerous buttons. I hope everyone else got nice things and enjoyed their Christmas =].

I got Mom an antique sewing machine from Patrick's Dad. Tiger had to check it out first though.

Mom got me these really cool slippers with faux fur on the insides. She also gave me the most comfortable fuzzy jacket I've ever felt in my entire life. I wore them both yesterday, and was so unbelievably content and warm.

 Aaaaaaaand Patty has been playing lots of Call of Duty and Halo 4.

I got Patrick this Clemson jersey he wanted and a Nerf gun. He got me The Romeo and Juliet DVD that La Scala ballet did and I cried like a baby. He also got me a MouseRat t-shirt (it's a fake band that the character Andy is in off of my favorite tv show:Parks and Recreation). Sorry my outfit posts have been put on hold, and this post just ended up a random compilation of photos I was taking while figuring out my new camera, but I will be back with regular outfit posts shortly. I hope everyone has been wonderful =].

Till next time,


Friday, December 21, 2012

The Biltmore Estate

I'm alive and well! I've just been busy scrambling around seeing different people and cleaning out Patrick's game room. Also, all of my technology has decided to stop working. My laptop barely charges as does my phone, and I thought maybe just getting a new charger would do it for my phone, but the new charger I got doesn't work for it either. Hmph! I should probably get to Verizon before Christmas so there won't be a big crowd of people...errr would there be less of a crowd after Christmas? Anyways, last week I went to The Biltmore, and it was so amazingly beautiful. I was shaking while we were on the shuttle from the anticipation. It was Patrick's first time, and I think he really enjoyed himself. We didn't buy a tour so Patrick gave me his own personal tour of the house which was definitely very entertaining even if none of it was accurate. Here are some touristy photos I took. I didn't get a picture of the front of the house (whaaat?) but I did get a picture of the side and inside the greenhouse.

This guy gave Patrick the strangest look, and we thought he was the most comical thing we'd seen all day so I immortalized him through the power of photography.

Here are cellphone pictures of inside the stables. They made it into a cafe and you could eat in stalls that were made into booths. We had the Carolina Barbecue Sandwich, and it was SO good. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. This "Gourmet Market" that's in the second picture down had $14 beers. I don't think so. I wouldn't pay that for a beer unless Vanderbilt himself handed it to me. 

 I'm so unbelievably grateful that I was able to visit one of my favorite places, and with one of my favorite people. I just love that house. Welp! Only 4 more days till Christmas and I am oh so excited. I just need to make a gingerbread house and wrap my gifts and I'll be good to go. I hope everyone else's week went swimmingly!

Till next time,


Friday, December 14, 2012

Bird Shirt Purple Skirt

I went to a new Moe's restaurant two nights ago, and I couldn't believe how cramped the parking lot was. No one could smoothly back out of a parking place without having to keeping inching forward and back and it caused a lot of jams. Then there wasn't access to the front of the restaurant, forcing you to go around to the side of the building to get in...WHAT?! I was already flustered from this craziness when I went in, and to top it off, they put the least amount of ingredients on my burrito they possibly could. I even had to ask for extra rice. Usually you ask them to put more olives on it or cheese, but this worker majorly skimped me on the rice (He put like a tablespoon's worth-I wish I was kidding)! On a less complaining and more positive note, I have already finished all of my Christmas shopping for everyone and it feels ooooh soooo gooood! No more worrying what to get anyone and where to get it! Phew! 

I wore this outfit a week ago on my last day of classes. I absolutely adore this bird shirt I got off eBay, and I loved how well it went with my purple skirt I've had for a while. I should actually be in Ashville when this posts enjoying the Biltmore, and I hope I can get pictures of my outfit there. I probably won't though since I'm extremely shy about getting pictures taken of me even when it makes sense. I hope everyone had a great week.

Till next time,

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