Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Dress: City Triangle
Shoes:Steve Madden

Happy Easter! It's been a nice Sunday of just lazing around and watching movies (Clue and How to Train a Dragon-I love them both so much). I admittedly didn't even leave the house, but I still decided to dawn an Eastery get up of the brightest pieces I could find. I made vegetarian lasagna for lunch, and it was soooo scrumptious, and I'm so happy using low fat cheese did not upset my tummy too bad. I am a bit lactose intolerant, but sometimes using low-fat or 1% milk and cheese doesn't terribly mess with my system. The recipe is here if you'd like to try it out some time, it's called "Luscious Vegetarian Lasagna." (Confession: I ate that whole bowl of broccoli all by myself. Broccoli is the vegetable of the gods). I wish Spring Break was around Easter so I could have seen my family, but this still ended up being a very nice holiday. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter =].

Till next time,


Saturday, March 30, 2013

All Things Possible

Today was a wonderful day for thrifting. It was sunny and somewhat warm, and I found some great finds at this store called All Things Possible. If you're going through Murfreesboro you should give this place a try. It has racks and racks of clothes and linens, shelves of kitchen goodies and miscellaneous decorations, and lots of furniture. It's like a Goodwill except larger than the ones I've been in. One of my favorite finds is this old, torn up book called "Little Popcorn." Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession affinity for popcorn and anything vintage so this book screamed out my name, and I'm so glad it's in my possession now.

I fell in love with this kitschy coffee cup with the adorable farm animals on it and ended up making an excuse to bring it home with me. The excuse: Coffee cups are like shoes and belts, you can never have too many. I also adopted two more winged friends who I've lovingly named Wilco and Milfred. Allen picked out Wilco for me, and I think what makes him so cute is that he looks like a cross between an owl and a penguin (Wilco, not Allen). Milfred has been loved for many years and needs little tiny pipe cleaner glasses so she can read nursery rhymes (She told me that she refuses to get cataract surgery).

I also picked out this dress, but decided to buy it another time to stretch out my money. I craftily hid it in with the shoes and kept shopping until I heard a lady yell, "All clothes are half off!" I ran (not really it was more of a hurried walk) over to the shoe section and snatched it up. $4? I can afford that.

Welp, It's Easter tomorrow! I hope everyone enjoys spending time with their family, eating yummy foods and doing whatever it is you all do on Easter. I'll be celebrating alone this year, but I will just have to plan something fun for one!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good News


Today is just a day stock FULL of good news, and it's leaving me very happy indeed. I finally got a Pinterest today. I'm not sure if that's good news or not or if I'll be even using it, but I have one now and I figured having pretty pictures to look at would serve as good inspiration. It's also in the 50's today and sunny!!!! It's even supposed to get up to 60 tomorrow, and I couldn't be more happy about that wonderful news. People have been grumbling about this long winter, and you know as well as I do that I haven't been the happiest camper about it. Last, but certainly not least, I get my car back today! I can not wait to have the option of leaving my apartment whenever I please! Even though my hair is unbrushed and my face is solemn in the photos, I am so pleased with how everything is going. Tonight will not be disappointing either as I will be going to Goodwill since everything is 99cents, and then Mellow Mushroom with Allen. March is going out with a bang. Hopefully the good vibes and happenings will carry through April as well.

Till next time,


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blowin' In the Wind

Vintage Dress-Outreach Thrift/Altered

There's a billowing wind outside my window, and a cloud is about to burst any second now, so I decided it was in my best interest to stay inside and play dress up. Allen and I went to Outreach Thrift yesterday, and I made off with some wonderful purchases, this dress being one of them. The length of the dress originally reached my ankles, and I kept having to fold it up when I was walking around in the store, because I kept tripping on it. I just loved the collar and the buttons though, and I knew a quick, easy hem would transform it into a more modern look. Quick and easy the hem should have been, but I was excited and impatient and cut the back waaaaaaaay too short. I had to end up adding extra fabric to the bottom, but I actually love the way it looks now. I believe this could be my new favorite dress, and I will be wearing way too much of it! Can you blame me?
Allen also took me into the exotic animal shop called Animal City. They had the cutest little puppies and kittens bouncing about and out to hold, and one guy was walking around with an iguana on his head. I, however, was not happy with how the birds looked as they all had feathers plucked out. Birds typically mutilate their feathers like that when they are under stress. There were also two love birds who had laid an egg, and there was no nesting box, nothing in the cage for them to make a nest out of. The egg was just on the bottom of the cage with the momma bird lying on top of it (**They could have been both female and so the egg could have not been viable). It just made me sad to see, and I wish I could have adopted all of them and helped their poor feather mutilating problem.
On a lighter note, tonight I intend to eat a warm and cozy soup dinner, watch a movie, and cuddle up in bed until my eyes become to heavy to keep open. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

Till next time,


Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Free Tour

I have no outfit to show you today so I decided to post pictures of our stroll through the woods.

Today I had a wonderful talk with this Arabic man who is in my Jewish-American Literature class, and I just had to share it with you. I feel so fortunate that this man allowed me to see into his life and really humble me for the privileges that I have. He started off saying he was worried that the language barrier would make the class really hard for him along with his hatred for writing essays. He then explained how the class turned out to be a lot easier and relatable being an immigrant to America himself. We focus a lot on the difficulties the Jewish and Jewish-American people faced after immigrating to America. The tales of these Jewish people really spoke to him as he has similar difficulties he has faced as an immigrant such as racism and culture assimilation. He said to me around the time that 9/11 happened, a lady told him to go back to his own country. He replied, "I can't help that my grandfather came here after yours." He then looked at me and said "We are all immigrants to this country." and I nodded in agreement. He then talked about being a father who is trying to keep the tradition of his religion and country of birth instilled into his children who want to do what "all the other kids are doing" like the parents in the short stories we are reading. He said his 13 year-old son got a note from a girl in his class with hearts on it saying that she liked him. When his son asked him if they could hang out, he said he had trouble explaining that they do not do that where they are from. His son kept saying, "But all the other kids here do it!" Unfortunately around this time class was starting and our conversation had to be ended.  I wish I could explain to him how much that short ten minute conversation meant to me. Sometimes you get so focused and consumed in yourself, it's nice to be invited into someone else's world and given a tour. It's also nice to have people and things to relate to so you do not feel alone in whatever you are going through, and I'm glad that he found a little bit of that in this Jewish-American Literature course. Do any of you have stories of moving to a different country and experiencing a culture shock?

Till next time,

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