Sunday, December 22, 2013

Season's Greetings

Phewwwww has it been a hot minute and a half since I last posted on here??? I was kicking butt all semester and just really didn't have time. If I had my camera in my hand it was to take photos for class and my other free time was eaten up by the fact that I'm being recorded and helping 5 different bands. OH YEAH. Busy girl right here. I'll definitely have time to post more during this break, and then it may be stark again as classes started up, but BOY have I missed this. I HAVE CHRISTMAS PICTURES! SO MANY CHRISTMAS PICTURES TO SHARE!! I don't know what it is, but this year I am in the spirit. It helps that I have cats that make everything much more fuzzy and adorable (I have plenty of those pictures to share as well for another time). Also we homemade Christmas cookies for the first time as a family. =]

 My sister and I ended up doing the most work as Mom didn't know how to roll the dough/cut out the cookies, which is pretty funny since she is an amazing cook. Maybe that's the real reason why this year I feel more in the spirit of things, we are doing more family things and aren't fighting. It's such a beautiful, rejuvenating feeling. My Memaw has also come down to visit more, and I love her company and knowledge of pretty much everything. She supplied us with the cute Christmas cookie cutters.

 I ended up stopping taking pictures as I started icing up the cookies with my little sister Brittany and taking cookies in and out of the oven, but I'm happy with what I got and can't wait to share more later =].

Till next time,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Indie Trendie

Gosh what a beautiful day it has been so far. I had to rush to class, because the school's bus systems are still sucking major monkey butt right now, but it made the walk to class so much nicer, and I didn't have beads of sweat running down my back (isn't that the worst?!). I usually bike, but someone was kind enough to relieve me of my bike, and so now I walk everywhere (dripping sarcasm here as my bike was stolen). I am tired today though since I didn't sleep so well last night. I woke up at 3am from a nightmare, and don't mind admitting that I had to coax myself back to sleep with the lights on, haha! My mornings start at 8am, and that may be a nice time for some of you, but Jessica Shealy is NOT a morning person, and she'd rather her days start at 10am. As long as I have my coffee, it's not so bad I guess. I do absolutely love my classes though, and I am closer to graduation! I can almost smell the diploma (and stresses of finding a big girl job).

 Whenever I went home to South Carolina in July, my dad's mother (Memaw) gave me a lot of her mother's old hats and jewelry and night gowns and it was the greatest. You'll be seeing more and more of what I got as I make more posts, but the first thing I'm showing is this wonderful flower cap. If you have been on the internet, even for just a little bit, you know that flower crowns are huge, and so I couldn't wait to put on this bad boy. Ok, so actually trends like this usually bug me, but who doesn't want flowers in their hair? This outfit isn't all too special, and I've worn it so many times, but now with the flower crown it has been made new again! Ah! I love it. Let me frolic in a field. Sidebar: Last time I frolicked in a field, I got a terrible rash all over my body as I forgot I was allergic to grass. Who is allergic to grass?!!! This girl. 

 Well I've got to do some homework and get ready for my next class. It's so good to be posting again.

Till next time,


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Wow it has been a hot minute since I've posted on here. I have had quite the hectic and strange Summer, but I'm glad to say that I am back, things have calmed down and I've missed you all dearly. I have so much to catch you all up on, but I'll spread it out over a couple of posts. 

There have been so many changes that have been made, and I feel like I'm really going to try and step out of my comfort zone and be less inhibited. I'm looking at this year as if I have opened not a different chapter in my life, but a completely different book. I'm growing more and more into myself, but also reaching out to others, even complete strangers. I don't even know if this post makes sense, but basically I'm just trying to say that I'm moving forward with my life and bettering myself.

 I guess what really sparked all of this was making candidacy into my major (Phew, hallelulu, I was SO stressed over that. THANK heavens), and being newly single. It forced me to go out to hear live music by myself, and I ended up swished away in this whirlwind of new faces that soon became friends. Things are good right now. I'm even going swing dancing on Monday. I was so afraid of what this year was going to look like, but I'm so happy with how things are in just the first week of classes.

I think 2013 is going to finish out quite nicely.
Till next time,


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hip Bone's Connected to the...

 How long has it been since I made a post? I've been dealing with personal demons the past month, and I just didn't have the motivation to make any posts. To be honest, it's been an ugly month for me as I've struggled with anxieties and big decisions. Instead of talking about it though, I'd rather just say I can't wait to read up on everyone's posts so your lovely faces can make my days brighter. 

 Do you ever put on outfits that are just totally not in your norm of what you usually wear? If you take a look at my blog, this outfit is DEFINITELY not what is in my comfort zone, but this absolutely amazing pin that the beautiful and talented Enid Twiglet made and gave me inspired me to be more edgy. I love it. It's a hip bone on my hip bone. Also, can I just continue to gush about how amazing Enid is, because she is so nice and lovely and sent me a few little trinkets that made me smile so big tears were in my eyes.

I'm honestly just so ready for school to start back up and everything to be in full swing again. This summer was weird and emotional and lonely for me, and I vow to never have a summer like it EVER AGAIN! Just kidding, bad times do happen it's the course of life and all that fluff *grumbles. At least today I feel like a rockstar. 

Thigh Highs:Walmart
Top: Forever21
Shorts: Outreach Thrift
Brooch: c/o Enid Twiglet

Till next time,


Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Process

Today I decided to show the process of me getting all dolled up. Sometimes you just have those days where you want to pay special attention to yourself and wear something a little nicer than you normally would. One of those days where you say, "Yeah it's 90 degrees and I'm probably going to have back sweat, but I'm going to look fabulous all the while!"I also wanted to practice more with lighting and effects and have a bit of a storyline, so this is also an experimental post. "Ooooh so complex!" says the audience.

I had an actual vintage, 1940's dress picked out, but it had long sleeves and as I said, 90 degrees, nuh uh...not even for the sake of beautiful photos. I found this "modern takes on vintage" beauty at an American Thrift store with Allen and he liked it and gave me the extra confidence boost when I tried it on. It's cool and a halter top so it screams summer time! Well not literally...that would be obnoxious and weird. As I type this there is 2 hours left until my grandparents arrive to take me to dinner! I am so very excited to see them, but I should also wrap up this post since I have an excel test to do....BLEH!

As I mentioned before, I was playing around with different lighting and effects so if the photos don't exactly flow, that's why. I still really enjoyed dressing up and being more "model-y" for the camera and experimenting. It's good to put yourself out there right? I made sure to get a great back shot so you could see all my flattering moles and freckles, haha. It adds character. 

 Sorry for the short, ill-informative text, but as I said I gotta wrap this mother up! If I have more time later I will come back and make the text more interesting, but as for now you're stuck with this! AHa! Anyways, I tried to get a shot of the cute pockets the dress has even if they're sorta silly since who wants to put anything in a dress that's supposed to hug your hips? Maybe it's for extra padding. Maybe it's for little love notes. Maybe it's Maybelline. Well enough of me being silly I'm going to head on over to the club house to do this test and I will get back to you later!

Till next time!


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