Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

I'd be JuLYING if I said I didn't like dressing up for the 4th. Ha! Anyways...It is Independence Day, and I'm just in my new apartment listening to people go nuts with patriotism. I'm not too patriotic myself, but it's fun to see people get into it and dress up in red, white and blue. I can see why a lot of countries chose those colors, because they look BOMB together. This outfit I made myself from a skirt that just reached my shins. I absolutely love it, and the top is so great I decided to post 3, count it, 3 different July 4th outfits using this top!

My hair is an absolute mess right now, but you can see that I dyed it a good bit darker than what it was when I posted a month ago. I LOVE it. The darker color brings out my features better, and I am all for that. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since I last posted holy moly. Ok so quick re-cap: I have a new place which I HAVE to show you once I get it set up better, I am single and I get to have my kitties back! All such great news. Oh and my classes are over, and I have so much time now!!! Ok enough of that here's outfit #2! How great are these glasses by the way?

Now ladies and gents, outfit #3! Which one is your favorite? I love the matching crop top and skirt, but I do also love these high waisted white shorts. 

I hope you have a lovely 4th. I may go get some stuff to make cupcakes and just hang out at the pool. Nashville always has a wonderful fireworks show (APA voted it #2 must-see fireworks show) so I may go check that out later.

Till next time!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Good Monday

It is finally summer, and I have so much free time that I've decided to start posting more on this ole blog again! I'm dusting off the cobwebs by introducing you to these 2 furballs that we (Pat and I) found in the roof. That's right IN the roof. They were 10 days old when we found them, and we bottle fed them and wiped their poopy butts and now they're 7 weeks old! They're using the litter box and completely weaned! The brown one is Sergeant Pepper, but we call her Sarge. The orange tabby is Tater Tot, but I call him Tate for short.

I've been with Pat now for 4 and a half months, and it has been the greatest. I've been really good friends with him for a year and a half and made him wait about half of that time before I'd date him :3.  I'm so glad he waited, because this has been the most rewarding, least stressful, most supporting relationship I have ever been in. He has claimed the kittens and I couldn't be happier, because that means I get to take care of them and watch them grow into big kits.

 Now that I've introduced to you the new loves in my life I guess I could talk a bit about myself! I had been so extremely busy and unhappy I decided to take some major me time and hang out with friends more and really just let loose. That meant a blogging hiatus! I had the most fun meeting so many people around middle Tennessee and actually going out to trashy bars and house shows, but now I'm ready to settle back down again and only go out when I'm supporting Pat playing. Well that and you can't go out for very long when you have to feed kittens ever 3 hours the first 2 weeks, 4 hours when their 3 weeks, 5 when they're 4 weeks... you get the picture haha. I already have 3 more posts lined up, and I'd really like to get this thing rolling again!

Till next time,


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