Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Dead Redemption

Ha! Patrick made fun of me for that title, but it made me giggle so it's staying. 

Oh my my let me tell you about my little hair fiasco yesterday. I was getting really tired of my hair, because it was back to my natural color and I was craving something that popped more. So I went to the store and stared at different colors for 30 minutes before deciding on Revlon's Auburn Brown.

 "This will be perfect!" I said since I knew it would fade to the color I wanted in a matter of 2 weeks. This is the hair that I started out with:

And this folks is the hair I ended up with after dying it. It wasn't the red I wanted (I HATE burgundy reds), it was all patchy and it was much darker than I wanted.

So through all my shame and social anxiety, I immediately went to Sally's Beauty Supply and asked what they recommended to strip the color out of my hair. They recommended One n' Only's Colorfix.

I was a little skeptical, but the price was $13.99 and I was desperate to have the dye removed so I gave it a shot. It comes with 3 bottles: A color reducer, a conditioning catalyst, and processing lotion. What it doesn't come with is something to mix it in or an applicator or gloves. What I did was just mix it in a bowl and used my hands. Let me first tell you that this stuff smells like ASS. The whole bathroom smelled like rotten eggs as I rubbed it into my burgundy head. All the reviews will tell you about how their hair smelled like rotten eggs after, but I mixed in Head and Shoulders shampoo and it lessened the smell, and my hair doesn't smell like rotten eggs at all.


What I did was mix 1/4 of the color reducer with 1/4 of the conditioning catalyst and 2 tbs. of Head and Shoulders shampoo. Then I wet my head and got a good lather going making sure I didn't miss any hair. After sitting for 20 minutes I washed it out and shampooed with Head and Shoulders. Then I put the  processing lotion on my head for 10 minutes and then completely rinsed it out before really conditioning my hair. 
This is how it turned out:

Almost exactly the color it was before. I do recommend this product, but only if you are willing to fudge the directions a little bit and really pay attention to how quickly your hair is lightening up. I'm going to enjoy my natural hair for a while and not bother with boxed dyes for a while. No more being a cheapo.

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  1. well, looks like you made two mistakes when you coloured your hair. you should have gotten two or three packages of colour to make it really cover everything, because the result looked very uneaven. then you should have left it on longer because your colour was so pale before. also, next time try using ammoniac free colours, you can have them on for a few hours. they don't last as long but the result they give is amazing. you should probably research a bit on amoniac colours, they're very toxic and if you use them too often inclease risk of cancer and other illnesses.


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