Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fluster Busters

 My life has been one hectic mess of poop. I am still having terrible sinus gook, I have to figure out my Summer, and I have 3 essays to write and have 4 finals all before next Wednesday. I remember when this used to be such a fun time for me. It used to be: "Yay! Summer is here! 3 months of no school!" Now the tune goes: "Oh god, I have so many finals. What if I can't get a Summer job? I still have to talk to my adviser about Summer classes!" Oof. At least I have Allen and random movies and cuddle breaks. These are what I call my fluster busters. My other fluster busters include taking time out of my day to laugh at cats on Tumblr, taking short walks and playing music. I'm hoping I have at least a fourth of my sanity before next Wednesday. Allen leaves to camp counsel in Alabama for 4 months next Thursday though so that will probably send me into full blown insanity.

On a happy, less stressed note, I bought this 1960's scooter dress/shorts combo at the antique shop last weekend. The owner of the store's face lit up as soon as she saw me, and she quickly went over to the clothes rack and picked it up to show me. It's from the same woman who owned the pink dress I wore in the last post. I definitely had some glances at what I presume was how short the dress was, but little did they know I was wearing shorts underneath! Muahaha! The bracelet is another little number that was passed down to me from my grandmother. It was also her mother's from around the 40's or 50's and it matched the dress perfectly. I actually didn't wear these shoes, I wore my mustard ballet flats, but they broke so I switched mid-day.

Till next time,


Monday, April 29, 2013

I've Got the Hoots for You

 Is that not the cutest mug you ever did see? I saw it in All Things Possible, and it had to come home with me. It's adorable and it has owls on it, and owls are my favorite...as are puns. This mug is just perfect.  

Speaking of perfect, I bought my first actual 1950's dress the other day from the sweetest lady at this antique shop in Downtown Murfreesboro. I saw it 2 weeks before I bought it, but had no money, and I thought it would be gone by the time I came back. Sure enough it was still hanging on the rack exactly as it was the first time I visited, and I quickly snatched it up. The lady who owns the antique shop said the woman who it used to belong to grew up riding horses and was very well off. She said she drove a Porsche to high school if that gives you a margin on just how well off. I love the quality and color of the fabric, and it hits me so perfectly above the knee. I made sure to wear my vintage slip underneath that was given to me by my grandmother, and I also adorned the dress with one of her mother's old broaches. The only thing that isn't 50's or 50's inspired is my hair. I've been running around, and it was much too hot in my apartment for rollers, so I just put it up in a bun and went on with my day. I will have to pin curl my hair another day and do a tutorial when I have more time. People love tutorials. 

Dress:Vintage/Antique Shop
Floral kitten heels: Candies/Kohls
Earrings: F21

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catch Up

Phew! I have been real sick the past 2 weeks and have been trying to catch back up with life. The world doesn't stop turning just because you find it hard to get out of bed. These photos are from when Allen and I went to the park last week. It was feeling so wonderful outside and our park trip before then was cut short due to weather so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am so grateful to have someone with whom I can share in fun activities. He just adds a little something special to everything we do. 

I didn't get a good picture of the top I made, but I wanted more crop tops and ended up stitching this number. I may go back and add in a zipper on the side though, because Allen had to help me get out of it since I couldn't get it over my head (oops). The skirt is a lovely thrift store find. I'm partial to reds and I love the modest yet playful white flowers. I'm excited to catch up on everyone's blog posts now that I'm feeling better and I am not playing catch up.

 Till next time,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I bought myself a couple of records last Friday whenever Allen and I biked to Little Shop of Records. Allen made a comment about how we were going to have a lot more classical music now that I had a reason to buy records (since he moved his record player to my apartment), and I said, "Nahh probably not." He must know me better than I know me, because once I found the $1 record section and saw all my favorite operas/classical pieces I couldn't help myself. The record shown above has my favorite Puccini/Verdi arias, and I thought it was cute how it matched my rug. The crate is a little sumpin sumpin that I found in the storage trailor on our family property and decided to house the records in. It's my grandmothers, and the "Dray S." refers to my Uncle Drayton who was apparently pretty smitten with a "Mechell S." I love finding old pieces that give little glimpses into the past. 

This ensemble I'm wearing is from Outreach Thrift (if you've kept up with my blog this is obviously a favorite store) and it is so light and comfortable and a godsend for 80 degree weather. The top and the skort are from the 90's, but I think it could pass as a modern go at a 1960's beach outfit. I just fell head over heels for the colors and couldn't wait for a warm day to wear them. The skort got a bit wrinkly from me sweating and sitting in the sun, but I hope you don't mind.

Vintage Top:Outreach Thift
Vintage Skort:Outreach Thrift
Necklace: Vintage/Grandmother's
Shoes: Gift from Mom

Till next time,


Garlic and Herbs Stuffed Mushrooms

As promised, I'm making a post about the simple scrumptious dinner we had yesterday. I thought it was so good I had to share it with you.

  • Large mushrooms
  • Garlic and Herbs cheese spread
  • Spaghetti noodles
  • butter
  • aluminum foil
  • garlic and herbs spice
I preheated the oven at 350 degrees while Allen and I twisted the ends off of the mushrooms. We then spooned a tablespoon's worth of the garlic and herbs cheese spread into the hollowed out mushroom caps. Then I covered the mushroom caps in aluminum foil leaving a hole at the top for the heat and steam to escape. I left them in the oven for 20 minutes while I boiled the noodles for 10 minutes. After the noodles were done and drained, I stirred in a tablespoon worth of butter and sprinkled in some garlic and herbs spice (your basic buttered noodles). Then I served the mushrooms on top of the noodles, but you can serve them on the side if you please. Et voila! That's dinner folks. It's really that simple and it's so good and great for a college budget (seriously spent around 10 dollars on the whole thing). 

Allen approved.

Till next time,

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