Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prim and Proper

I'm not really sure where to start this post. I've been sitting on my bed in my undies nomming on some chicken tenders just staring at the screen  for the past 15 minutes. At least they're Vera Wang undies so I'm not completely void of class. I felt absolutely amazing today, and I'm so glad I took the extra minutes to gussy myself up even if 20 minutes of sleep were mercilessly sacrificed. I felt so polished and put together (Dare I say a little modern Mary Poppins-esque) so it was worth it. I want to create a real modern Mary Poppins look!

 I just love how my body looks in this, and thought this post was perfect for the weekly link up that Miss Rachele does over at The Nearsighted Owl because of it. Ok, so her post isn't up yet, but I couldn't wait to post this outfit!

I got this Firenze bag at His House, a thrift store that I'm pretty sure is only located in South Carolina. Get this, it was a DOLLAR. Italian Firenze leather for a dollar. Thank you Patrick for spotting this for me. The straps are wonky and I'm going to have to fix them, but WHO CARES. IT WAS A DOLLAR PEOPLE! 

I've had this white button up from Target for about 6 years? I bought it, because I was President of SkillsUSA at my school and hadn't worn it since. I cut off the sleeves and put a cardigan over it to avoid looking like Larry the Cable Guy and VOILA! Comfy and semi professional looking. I'm actually going to wear it often now. Also I'm pretty sure I stole the necklace from my mom. I'll have to return that next visit. (Sorry Mumsie).

Yesterday's shoes were the most comfortable pair of heels I own, and these are the most uncomfortable. You wouldn't think so since they're kitten heels, but they just give me the worst blisters on my heels and toes (I got them from Kohls last year for $10).  I do love them though, and I'll wear them if I am mostly sitting all day. And now for my mirror shots!

Button up shirt:Target//Cardigan:Target//Shorts:F21//Shoes:Kohls//Necklace:Stolen from Mom

I ended up cutting my bangs a tish. They were getting too long and less like bangs, and I'm glad I made the decision, because it makes up-do's look so much better. I hope everyone has a spectacular Thursday. I may just go for a bike ride and take pictures of these amazing leaves. Or I'll laze around inside and eat a bag of popcorn. NO! Must. not. be. lazy.

Till next time,



  1. Like it's so hard to love a size 4 body.

    1. Actually yes when I am a recovering bulimic and anorexic. Yes, when I grew up in a ballet studio where I was told I was fat everyday, and the teacher would say to me, "Don't you want to look as beautiful as her?" and point to another dancer who was a size 0. Yes, when male dancers would refuse to partner me or complain because of my size. Yes, when my mother would remind me of my cellulite.

      Thank you for being judgmental and non supportive since that is the point of the link up. Oh? That's not the point of the link up? I guess that's why you decided to hide behind anonymity. I hope you have a great day and start feeling better about yourself without having to be ugly to others.

      Why don't you reread the mission behind Miss Rachele's link up since you obviously missed the point.

    2. Here I'll actually post it just in case you visit again so you can REALLY take in what this link up is about =]

      "I would love to see all different sizes represented in this link up.
      --------->>>>Whether you are a 0 or 32, participate!
      This is a weekly feature so each link up will be open for one week. You can add your link anytime during the week. All genders, sexes and non-genders are welcome to join in. Use whatever sizing you are most familiar with. You can link up with me every week with a new post or join in every once in a while! The rules are simple. Post a photo of yourself on your blog, feeling confident. Post a full body shot, so head to toe! State your size in your blog post or with a graphic on your photo.
      ---------->>>>No diet talk, weight loss talk, negativity or any type of body shaming allowed.

      ---------->>>>This is about being happy with your size and shape, not because it is socially acceptable, healthy or better than others."

    3. Yeah...Ms. Anonymous has no clue. I too have overcome the same struggles. I think regardless if you are big or small, anyone can have issues with how they look. Thank you for addressing that. I am baffled!

  2. I love this outfit you! You are adorable! So many cute details.

  3. I love your outfits and your kick ass attitude. You are so cute and I enjoy seeing you in the link up. I mean, after all, if it weren't for the link up we wouldn't be new blogger buddies, right?

    1. Right back atcha! I'm so glad the link up gave me such great blog buddies and nasty comments aren't going to stop me from possibly meeting more amazing people. =]

  4. you go girl! I love your outfit posts and your honesty xx

  5. You are adorable! I love your blog and am your newest follower. I was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor!


  6. You look adorable. I love your reply up there - you go, girl!


    1. Thank you so much =] I'm already deep into your blog, I'm so glad you commented so I could find ya!


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