Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Process

Today I decided to show the process of me getting all dolled up. Sometimes you just have those days where you want to pay special attention to yourself and wear something a little nicer than you normally would. One of those days where you say, "Yeah it's 90 degrees and I'm probably going to have back sweat, but I'm going to look fabulous all the while!"I also wanted to practice more with lighting and effects and have a bit of a storyline, so this is also an experimental post. "Ooooh so complex!" says the audience.

I had an actual vintage, 1940's dress picked out, but it had long sleeves and as I said, 90 degrees, nuh uh...not even for the sake of beautiful photos. I found this "modern takes on vintage" beauty at an American Thrift store with Allen and he liked it and gave me the extra confidence boost when I tried it on. It's cool and a halter top so it screams summer time! Well not literally...that would be obnoxious and weird. As I type this there is 2 hours left until my grandparents arrive to take me to dinner! I am so very excited to see them, but I should also wrap up this post since I have an excel test to do....BLEH!

As I mentioned before, I was playing around with different lighting and effects so if the photos don't exactly flow, that's why. I still really enjoyed dressing up and being more "model-y" for the camera and experimenting. It's good to put yourself out there right? I made sure to get a great back shot so you could see all my flattering moles and freckles, haha. It adds character. 

 Sorry for the short, ill-informative text, but as I said I gotta wrap this mother up! If I have more time later I will come back and make the text more interesting, but as for now you're stuck with this! AHa! Anyways, I tried to get a shot of the cute pockets the dress has even if they're sorta silly since who wants to put anything in a dress that's supposed to hug your hips? Maybe it's for extra padding. Maybe it's for little love notes. Maybe it's Maybelline. Well enough of me being silly I'm going to head on over to the club house to do this test and I will get back to you later!

Till next time!


Up Late

Ha, what? Me? Up late? Ok, but seriously my sleeping patterns get real wonky at that hormonal time of the month (I mean let's get real when am I not hormonal? I mean the REAL hormonal time of the month)...TMI...whatever. So I decided to eat two breakfast burritos, make some strong coffee and take some Audio Technology notes and do the weekly quiz. 

  I love this class and I'm so glad I took it accidentally even though I don't need it for my major. It's basically a dumbed down version of a class I took last semester, and I am thankful for it since that class was just a complete mess. COMPLETE MESS (i.e. cheating scandal, no one makes higher than a C unless they're Batman himself, teacher is lousy...etc etc). I LOVE this quirky teacher though and his silly slide shows. He talks to himself, puts Simpson's references oh and this Avatar one that has a Star Trek reference inside of it all while still being relevant to the course material:

You can also see bits of my new Mac Book Pro Retina in the photos. IT'S A DREAM! My wonderful Papa got it for me, because my puttering 6 year old Dell was biting the dust. It even acted like an ornory old man, pooting out hot air and then dozing off randomly. Everything is so beautiful and the pictures took less than 5 seconds to import and delete off my camera (HOLY CRAP!). 

Anyways, I also like this class, because it's visual, and I get to doodle helpful little bits. Usually when I doodle it has nothing to do with what we're talking about and makes people question whether or not I was high when I did it (Seriously I doodle weird things in class like seals with people noses and duck feet). I was also complaining to my friend Carlos about missing Allen and no one being here for the Summer=MULTITASKING! This late night/early morning charade worked for me though, because I ended up making a 100 on the quiz. WOOP WOOP!

And here's an embarrassing photo of my "sick shelf" that has yet to be cleaned from last week and early this week. I was getting migraines every night and pain meds weren't working so I would force myself to sleep with NyQuil. Bleh. Thank goodness tonight is not a repeat. Well this is a rather unusual post for me since I hate unnatural lighting for photos and don't really talk about school, because funk that mess. BUT! I hope you got a kick out of hearing about my school life/Night life none the less.

Till next time,


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Through My Eyes

I took a little weekend trip down to Camp McDowell to spend some time with my mister man on his break during camp sessions, and I had THE BEST TIME. I haven't had this much fun in a while, and I fell hard for the place and a little more for my mister. I was going to humorously title the post "rocks," but I figured since I'm not in any of these pictures it's more of a post where you can see everything as I saw it: through my eyes. I know...I'm so deep.

The camp is incredibly beautiful, and I felt so alive being outside. I loved that I got to share that with Allen too, I feel so much closer to him since the camp means a lot to him. There was this bridge that we had to cross to go over a large creek, and I felt like Indiana frickin' Jones. I tried running across it as if I was being chased, but it was just Allen behind me probably waiting on me to trip over myself as the bridge bounced up and down. Allen then took me to a place called Tillers (It's another creek), and my wimp self actually got my lower half in the water (I'm TERRIBLE when it comes to cold water), and let the current pass over my legs and through my toes. I even had tiny, freckle sized leeches sucking on me for the first time which was really neat. 

Another worthy mention was the drunkard that came in our cabin while we were sleeping. Allen and I had finished watching The Shining and were snuggled up seconds away from slumber when we heard footsteps. We looked up and saw a shadow of a figure in the cabin. Allen thought it was one of the other counselors, and when he called out his name he didn't answer. Allen turned on the lights, and a glossy eyed stranger was illuminated. The guy had Mardi Gras beads on, and just let out a slurred, "I'm sorry." Allen said there was a wedding going on up the hill and he must have been with them. Allen led him out and locked the doors. We kept the bathroom light on and snuggled in close, but it still took us a while to get back to sleep. It's funny to look back on now, but it was cuhreeeeepy when it happened. Maybe next post I'll have another fun story to share.

Till next time,


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cullman, Alabama Trip #3

I visited my wonderful mister over the weekend and we walked around the lake again at sunset. The weather was perfect, and the flowers were just gorgeous. This was after we had a great day thrifting, and I found that 1980's romper with adorable anchor buttons, and Allen found that plaid shirt that felt like it had never been worn, ALL FOR A DOLLA FIDDY! Well not the two combined. My romper was $3 or sumfin like that.

 I had to get a picture of my tootsies, because I actually took the time to make them cool and artsy fartsy like other bloggers. I just couldn't get over them and how they matched my shoes, but if you look closely you'll see all of the poop. The ducks and geese were adorable, but there were poop land mines everywhere. The ducks in that picture were just a talking to each other. I wonder what they were saying. Probably something like, "That's a well dressed couple, I bet they got their clothes for really cheap at a thrift store." Thanks ducks, we did.

 I was really proud of how all of these photos turned out. I think I'm still improving a bit and better learning my camera. This makes me very happy as sometimes I can feel like I'm at a standstill. It also helped that I had my mister man around to keep me in a good mood and to inspire wonderful pictures :P. Anyways enough about that. I think y'all already know how much I adore him. Though I'll just say he's so handsome and sweet and funny and supportive and talented...ok now I'm done.

It was so stinkin hot during the day. It said it was only 90, but it was SO humid and there really was no wind. I thought we were both going to melt when we ended up playing put put. Oh yeah the point of complaining about how hot it was was to say that I'm glad we went to the lake at sundown, because it was very much cooler, and I didn't have sweaty boobs. Let me tell you...actually I don't need to tell you, because most of the people who read my blog identify as women, and they know what a burden sweaty boobs are. Ugh. Sucks, amiright? Someone needs to invent little fans/vents in bras. 

 Well my photo dump is at its end. I hope you enjoyed them. My little heart is jumping for joy, because I am going to get my new Macbook Pro Retina that my Papa bought me tomorrow, and THEN I get to visit Camp Mcdowell this coming Saturday where Allen counsels. How lucky am I? Of course I'll blog about it. I should just change the title of this blog to "I get to see this hot, wonderful guy named Allen and here's where I gush about it." 

Till next time,

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