Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Process

Today I decided to show the process of me getting all dolled up. Sometimes you just have those days where you want to pay special attention to yourself and wear something a little nicer than you normally would. One of those days where you say, "Yeah it's 90 degrees and I'm probably going to have back sweat, but I'm going to look fabulous all the while!"I also wanted to practice more with lighting and effects and have a bit of a storyline, so this is also an experimental post. "Ooooh so complex!" says the audience.

I had an actual vintage, 1940's dress picked out, but it had long sleeves and as I said, 90 degrees, nuh uh...not even for the sake of beautiful photos. I found this "modern takes on vintage" beauty at an American Thrift store with Allen and he liked it and gave me the extra confidence boost when I tried it on. It's cool and a halter top so it screams summer time! Well not literally...that would be obnoxious and weird. As I type this there is 2 hours left until my grandparents arrive to take me to dinner! I am so very excited to see them, but I should also wrap up this post since I have an excel test to do....BLEH!

As I mentioned before, I was playing around with different lighting and effects so if the photos don't exactly flow, that's why. I still really enjoyed dressing up and being more "model-y" for the camera and experimenting. It's good to put yourself out there right? I made sure to get a great back shot so you could see all my flattering moles and freckles, haha. It adds character. 

 Sorry for the short, ill-informative text, but as I said I gotta wrap this mother up! If I have more time later I will come back and make the text more interesting, but as for now you're stuck with this! AHa! Anyways, I tried to get a shot of the cute pockets the dress has even if they're sorta silly since who wants to put anything in a dress that's supposed to hug your hips? Maybe it's for extra padding. Maybe it's for little love notes. Maybe it's Maybelline. Well enough of me being silly I'm going to head on over to the club house to do this test and I will get back to you later!

Till next time!



  1. I just found your blog, and I'm from Columbia, too! I love the dress on you and the shoes are awesome! :)

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  2. Love the photos and the concept of the shooting, there are some days when you just want to take your time when it comes to beauty rituals and picking an outfit and you've illustrated this perfectly!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  3. Love these pics and your shoes are amazing. I would not be able to walk in them as I have all the grace of a 3 legged elephant. Also, I finally got your little parcel in the post, expect some mail love from me in approx 3 - 10 working days xx

  4. You take fantastic photos... you're so talented! And you lool totally fab in this summery ensemble. And you could be a model... *rolls eyes*...

  5. Nice post!! you look so lovely!!
    followed u!


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