Saturday, February 9, 2013

Walk Like a Man

Ally of Shybiker proposed a challenge yesterday that I just couldn't refuse:
Dress up as a man.  Yes, a man!  You don't have to go outside if you're scared but put on men's clothes to see what they feel like.  You'll be surprised at how much you'll grasp, intuitively and emotionally.  It will be a major growth experience for you.
There are no rules.  If you have a bf or hubby, raid their closet.  If not, try a blazer and pants.  If you have enthusiasm, pick up real men's clothes at a thrift store for $3.
I know most people aren't as adventurous as I am, but I promise you that you'll find the experience incredible.  You will feel different.  People will react to you different.  And imagine the comments on your blog!
You can wear makeup if you wish but keep it neutral.  Pull your hair back or hide it under a hat.  Wear flats, preferably lace-ups that are big and clunky.  Don't worry about style -- few men do.
I decided to dawn what guys my age typically wear around my school. Thank goodness I have my boyfriend's clothes that he's given me. Here's what I came out with:

My inner dialogue while taking these shots was hilarious:
"What do guys do?" 
"No, don't stick your hip out."
"Make your face look hard."
"Hunch your shoulders to hide your boobs."
"What would Eddie Redmayne do?"
"Gosh my hair is about to bust out of this."

I really liked how these photos turned out. I think the best part of it all was how confident I still felt. I can't believe how sexy I felt wearing guy's clothing in a way that a guy would wear them and act in them. I'm honestly really proud of myself for that. I also, however, styled the same clothes in a way that I would wear a girl I guess you could say. I basically just let my hair down, unbuttoned a button and tucked in the front of the shirt. Oh! And pulled up my pants a little higher =]. It felt SO good to put my hand on my hip and pop it out. So good.

I definitely think more people should take on this challenge and see what they end up with =]. I'm so glad I did it.

Till next time,



  1. Yay!!! Great job, Jess!! You dove into the challenge, with perfect clothes and the right attitude, and came away with terrific photos and interesting insights. Thank you so much. I'm gonna link to you on my blog.

  2. Woo! Love this. You're a total cutie, styled up like a girl or a boy. I enjoyed this challenge, and enjoyed raiding the DH's closet. Ally comes up with some great inspirational posts.

  3. I'm wondering if it's a coincidence or more that both you and Megan Mae live in Tennessee... Maybe that's where the brave women go!

  4. oh Miss Jess you are adorable! Are they your mans shoes? If so he has great taste in shoes! xx

  5. So cute!! You'd fit in so well here in the bay :3 Glad your feeling better!!

  6. I'm over here from Shybiker ... I'm so impressed with this challenge!! You look absolutely fabulous in fella's gear, simply stunning!! I wish I could wear hubby's gear coz he has such good taste ( I think!), but his legs are much shorter than mine and he's much bigger in the waist ... I guess there's always his beautiful cotton button-ups eh? ;)) xo

  7. I would date you. ;-)

    You're gorgeous. Great job with the challenge.

  8. Found you through Shybiker - this turned out awesome... (plus I would totally wear that outfit - love the Fruit Of The Looms!)


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