Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let Sleeping Kitties Lie

I just realized that I've yet to introduce to you my two little darlings. I got them August of last year and they are temporarily living with my parents since my apartment doesn't allow cats. I was a tearful mess whenever I had to drop them off at my parent's, but I enjoy getting to see them whenever I go back every month. These pictures are from when they were about 3 1/2 months old and little fuzzy furballs. The first three pictures are of my large sassy girl Lilith. She has grown to be so large, and she knows she's in charge. She loves sleeping on my chest except now she's so big it kind of hurts, haha. Her other hobbies include howling at 4 in the morning. The second set of 3 pictures are of my weird little thing Sheik. She displays similar characteristics of those with autism, and I've always had to treat her special because of it. She doesn't like a room full of people and if she doesn't get enough alone time she pulls out her fur. She is the biggest sweetie though and never does anything halfhearted whether it's tearing apart a grocery bag or kneading her blanket.

There will definitely be hundreds of photos of them to come since I'll be spending a month and a half with them over the holiday break.

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  1. Ah! so adorable! My boyfriend and I just went to the mobile humane society bus today to find out about adopting a kitten in a few months.


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