Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pea Green with Envy


Here are little snaps of the outfit I wore yesterday. I love these tights, because they sort of glow as you can see in the first picture. They were a Christmas gift from my mom and they match my chipped green nails. I just suck at keeping nail polish on. Our friend Dillon gave me those earrings, and they are my new favorites. The other match has a cardinal on a branch, and Patrick immediately noticed it and knew they were the perfect gift for me (Because of my insane love for birds). I also got the cutest Coach clutch from our friend Amelia which I'll have to photograph for you later. I decided to add in a few photos I took last year around my family's property to beef the post up a bit. We have this storage trailer with a lot of vintage and other random trinkets, and it was fun searching through all of it. Also making a cameo is Lily, Pete my horse, and an insanely good brownie I had. 

I'm still getting over this mean sinus infection I have. One cool thing about being sick is I've been spoiled rotten and the antibiotics I'm taking say Lupin on the pills. It means bunny in french, and who doesn't love bunnies, but also it makes me think of Harry Potter's Professor Lupin. I can pretend these pills are filled with magic and werewolf hair. I hope everyone had a great week, I'm going to go get Main Moon for the second time this week and watch Patty play Halo.

Till next time,



  1. I got tights for Christmas too! Yippee skippy! The milk photo makes me want some milk and the vintage suitcases are so fun!

  2. oh gosh that trailer full of vintage goodies looks amazing! You have a horse! I grew up horse riding every weekend with my sister. Is it weird that I think we would have a blast if we could hang out? We could talk about birds and go thrifting, it would be awesome!
    Happy New Year, I hope 2013 is full of amazing things for you xx


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