Friday, November 30, 2012

A Little Spontaneity Keeps Conversation Keen

(Can you tell I like Mary Poppins?) Welp! It's been a good Friday so far y'all! I bravely went back online and checked what assignments I have to get done and planned out what I should do on what days so I don't procrastinate and have a crap ton of work to do the day they're due (note: this still could happen). I'm so stoked about Christmas break starting December 7th, and I've already been planning in my head what outfits I'm going to pack. I don't know about you, but I hate packing for long periods of time, because I'm more of a "wear what I'm inspired to wear that day" sort of person, and I never really have my outfits planned out beforehand. Even when I was younger and my dad would have me lay out my clothes the night before, almost always I'd be wearing a different outfit that day than what I had laid out. I still appreciate my dad doing that, and I do think it instills good organization and planning skills, but I like a little spontaneity from time to time!

I absolutely adore my outfit today and I feel like I could do almost anything in it (which is always a good sign). I like outfits that I don't feel held back in. I was so excited when I found these overalls in the thrift store last year, because I had been craving overalls for a while. Overalls get such a bad rap, but I think they are adorable and I'm here to hopefully change people's minds about them. They CAN be cute after your teen years! It's definitely a lot warmer than it has been, but not warm enough for completely bare legs so I wore my knee high trouser socks with these SUPER CUTE BASS OXFORDS my mom got me for Christmas. I LOVE them. They are the most comfortable pair of oxfords I own, and I swear they have pillows inserted in the heels.

Still going on fresh faced/no makeup. It's been really nice. I've never been confident enough in my skin to go completely foundation/powder free. Thank you Olay for that, I owe you. Anyways, here are some photos of knickknacks from around my kitchen. I noticed that I take pictures everywhere else, but there, haha! So here it is.

Long Sleeve: TJ Maxx
Knee Highs: TJ Maxx

That little owl is my favorite. I got him from Earth Bound in downtown Nashville and I haven't fallen out of love. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday (IT'S THE WEEKEND AAAH!). I'm going to head on over to the library and finish up some things I need to get done for school. Curse teacher's for cramming in tons of work before finals.

Till next time,



  1. ok I really love those shoes with the knee-highs. Really cute. but dang, your Christmas break starts so early!

    1. Yeah it's only because all my exams are online. Really it depends on when our teacher's give out their finals. Last year my break started the 15th, because one of my professors gave his exam the 15th.

      And thank you =] I'm so glad you're following me and I'm excited to read about what you do with your major =D


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