Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to School

School will be starting up again so very soon, and I started thinking about what I'd like to wear. Tights and shorts have kind of been my main squeeze this winter, and I feel like continuing the trend with my back to school outfit. I love these tights from Mod Cloth as well as these adorable blue heels. I thought these brown houndstooth shorts went too perfectly with the tights and pink and lace sweater. I wish so hard that I could reach through the screen and grab these items, but I can't and so I'll try to recreate the outfit with things I already have!

Here's my outfit from today in Patrick's lovely bathroom, haha. At least the lighting is brighter than in the playroom. As you can see, this house is just old and falling apart and you may spot a little fishy sticker. Anyways! I wore the same tights as I did yesterday, and it's only because I love them soooooooo much. For added warmth I put on these cute knee high socks, and they really do work to keep your legs toasty. 

This week has been quite the interesting week. I found out I have this nasty RSV virus going around, my headlight went out and I immediately got pulled over for it, Every time I have tried to cash my checks something has prevented me from doing it, I dropped my phone in the toilet, and I have to fix my laptop and go to the DMV to get another proof of registration for my car since I threw it away. Ugh! It's safe to say that this is NOT my week. Oh well at least that means things can only start looking up from this point, and it'll feel so satisfactory to fix everything gradually. I hope everyone is having a better week than I! 

Tights: Gift

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  1. I love the tights and the sweater! You have such a cute and lovely style!
    Such a great blog!

    Peonies + Ballet Flats


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