Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitty Cones

My poor babies have been de-clawed, and are in the cone of shame. Lilly (the grey and white) had to be given sedatives, because she refuses to be bested by a plastic circle and keeps fighting it. It makes for cute pictures, but it is breaking my heart to see them tender footed and unhappy, but they will be better. Sheik doesn't seem to mind it though and has accepted her fate gracefully. 

 The dancing at the Don't H8 pageant went super well. Everyone commented on how amazing they thought my dancing skills were, and it definitely gave me a big old smile that lasted into the next day. I was also affectionately dubbed "Vintage Girl" which also made me smile. I didn't get a picture with Chris Crocker even though he did come up and talk to me. I'm hoping though that the photographer will post photos of the event so I can show you =].

Till next time,


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