Monday, January 14, 2013

How Do You Hold a Moonbeam in your Hand?

Today has been so warm and beautiful and I don't even mind that it's 76 degrees in mid-January. I walked over to Saint Joseph's Church with Patrick since he works there now with the afterschoolers. I absolutely love that church/school. It's right next to a busy road, but it still manages to be so peaceful and quiet. They have rock archways and fountains that drown out the sound of traffic and little courtyards with grass and picnic tables. It just gives me such happy feelings being there. His mother, Kemn, is the vice-principal of the school and she's the one holding the child who is receiving the birthday spankings. Whenever I walked into the office I saw a little girl who came by and told Ms. Kemn that they were ready for spankings, and I was so confused, because she looked so calm and almost happy about it! When I followed them into the classroom it turned out that they were birthday spankings, haha. That's also why I have brought up The Sound of Music once again in my title, because the lady on the left is Sister Maria. How cool is that?! How do you solve a problem like Mariiiiiiaaaaa?

Pants: Belk
Flats: Thrift

 Speaking of Patrick's mom, this is her shirt she got from Guatemala. It's so airy and beautiful and it was perfect for such a bright, bright, bright, bright and sun shiny day. I will enjoy these few days of sunshine until it gets back cold again (It's 30 degrees and freezing rain back in TN!). Apparently Tennessee has been having some fussy weather the past couple of days, I keep getting texts and calls from my campus telling me to stay inside. I hope everyone there is doing alright. I go back Wednesday, but it may be postponed if the weather doesn't behave. I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

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  1. You look super cute! :-) I love that top. The birthday spankings story made me smile.

  2. that top is so pretty, yay for embroidery! I have nominated you for a liebster award in this post:


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