Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Journey

Welp, here it goes. This is the first real post I'm making since all my posts were deleted. I know I said I'd post Dragon*Con pictures days ago, but honestly it was hard coming back to the blog after a whole year and a half of posts had disappeared. The blog will just be twice as nice this second go 'round.

This week has gone by pretty slow to be honest. The snail's pace must be because of my anticipation to see Patrick in a week (Oh! You don't know who Patrick is. I'll talk about him in the next post ;) ). It was my first full week of classes and I'm really enjoying them so far. I feel more motivated this year which is definitely a plus. It's probably because I'm taking more core classes and I'm finally getting into what I want to do as a career (Audio Production).

Hmm let's see what else is going on....I threw out a lot of my clothes. I want to throw out ALL of them, but then I'd be naked since I am currently searching for ones to replace them.

Welp now that we are sort of caught up, here's a peek at my Wednesday!

(Sometimes when I run out of creamer for my coffee, I like to add hot cocoa mix. It's yummy.)

It's not fall yet, but it is soon and I've got my decorations ready to be displayed!

Here's what I wore. Because I threw out a lot of my clothes, I don't have too much to wear and honestly I'm not really happy with the clothes that I have left. I'm just ready for a change and maybe it's because I'm growing up?

I do love these shorts from Forever21 though and they are so comfortable.

I'll also have to post about my hair coloring fiasco later. Eep!

Shirt: F21-$12
Shorts: F21-$12

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and I hope to start posting more regularly. I also hope to start on another 365 photography project.
Till next time,

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