Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pride and Prejudice

Oooh this post is going to be so fun for me! I get to sit back, relax and talk about some P and P. It's one of my favorite movies/books. I can't get enough of it! I've read the book 7 times (so far) and seen the movie over 50 times. I absolutely adore Jane Austen, and have read many biographies on her and downloaded the font that emulates her handwriting. Anyways! I really like the 2005 version. I can't say whether or not I like that or the 1995 version with Colin Firth better, because they both have their strong and weak points, but today I'm showcasing the 2005 one with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.
The cinematography is breathtaking (Personal confession: There are HUGE fields here in middle Tennessee and sometimes I like to pretend I'm Elizabeth Bennett walking from place to place. Yeah, like you don't do it!). There are lots of shots that sweep over the landscape with gorgeous music billowing in the background, and if that doesn't sound magical to you then you probably don't like cats or cake either...weirdo. 
Speaking of music, this is probably one of my favorite scores. I have been in love with playing the piano and classical music since I was 4 so this soundtrack was heaven for my ears. You can tell how much passion and emotion went into the composition, and it really adds to the plot. 
More details that really drive this movie home to me are the costumes and the gaudy interiors. There's a scene that I got a screen shot of below where it shows them in Lady Catherine's house that's full of gold and fussy fabrics and loud wallpaper-it's glorious! I also love the distinction of classes in their clothes. The Bennett's are very plain and wear muted colors where as the Bingley's are in bright blues and reds and fur. Gosh y'all I just love this movie.
I could go on for years about the literary work itself, but instead I'll just leave you with some pictures I took while I was watching it on my laptop.

 I also got some screen shots of some pretty hilarious faces. I crack up every time I see them.

Alright well I'm going to go watch this about 5 more times tonight and tell Patrick, "I love you. Most ardently."
 Till next time,


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