Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Put a Spell on You

I bought Hocus Pocus! I absolutely love this movie and Bette Midler. It's my favorite Halloween movie (with Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloweentown tied for a close second). I got tired of trying to find when Disney Channel was playing it and then missing it so I bought it! It even came with stickers ooooooo aaaaaaaah. I even put a little link under the picture for you to buy it as well if ya want. I don't want to watch it yet since it's not even October yet, but I'm so anxious and excited!
Source for both pics
I bought a vintage shirt for $6 off of Etsy and I love it. It's a large, sheer, polka-dotted monster that I would've never thought to buy if it wasn't for the lovely store owner's styling of it. I'm also a chicken when it comes to sheer tops. I think people look lovely in them, but I feel exposed and silly looking even if I'm not. Well I can say that I am no longer a chicken and that I am a lady in a cute top!

You'll have to scroll to the bottom to see the rest of my hair! =]
I also got these vintage shorts for a cheap price off Etsy as well. The store I got it from is called LoveCharles and it's one of my favorites. She also has a wonderful blog you should check out. Antyways, I've worn these shorts all summer long, they are so versatile and keep me cool which is detrimental for the South Carolina heat. I'm never parting from them....ever.
Shoes: Dots Fashion
 As for my hair, I twisted the two side sections around the head band until they wrapped around it to the back. Then I braided my hair on the side and twisted it into a bun and bobby pinned the mess out of it! I usually do creative updos when I don't want to am too lazy to wash my hair.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! I'm going to go to the grocery store and buy all the breakfast burritos they have.

Till next time,

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