Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Old Meets New

Somehow my silly self signed up for 2 online classes. The schedules said the classrooms were "To Be Announced" and I now know that means the classes will be online. I like them though since they are easier credits I need to get out of the way, and if I can't sleep at 4am then I can get some homework assignments out of the way while I'm in my underwear and bunny slippers eating ramen.
I took a wee trip to Outreach Thrift the other day and found 2 shirts. That's the thing about thrifting, sometimes you come out with 20 items of clothes, other times you come back with 2 shirts and coffee mug. The trick is not letting the latter disappoint you, and I was surely not disappointed since I came out with 2 lovely shirts that I really like. This red tank is so comfy and loose and I'm glad  that we have a few warm days left (which is a huge deal since I'm beyond stoked for cooler weather) so it can see the light of day before the fall and winter settles in. The shorts are what my dance teacher wore in the 80's and they are so comfortable I could be in them for the rest of my life without complaint...except that they would get really dirty and stinky and I wouldn't be allowed in public places.
I thrifted this shirt as well for $2 and I think it would look lovely with some high waisted 70's jeans. What do ya think?
 I've been living off of soup and popcorn while I've been in Tennessee. Mostly because soup is easy to make and healthy for the most part (Some Campbell's soup has more salt in it than the Dead Sea so you should look for the cans that say "Low Sodium"). I'm also unhealthily obsessed with popcorn. I eat popcorn literally every day, and I even got a swollen gum the other day, because a kernel got stuck in there. Gross, I know... I'm sorry, but I have found my favorite popcorn in the WHOLE WORLD. Alright...not the whole world, but there's this brand called Cousin Willie's, and I've only seen it in Tennessee. There's this adorable old man farmer on the front and he wears kooky sunglasses on the Movie Theatre kind. I'm going to stop my ramblings about popcorn here.

Aint he the cutest?
I am going to put on my jammies and act like I have nothing to do.
Till next time,

P.S. In honor of the 80's here is a little sumpin sumpin

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