Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cullman, Alabama

 I had QUITE the weekend. Long story short, my keys were stolen Saturday, and I went nutso trying to find a locksmith and was locked out of my apartment until Tuesday at 12:30pm. This is why I have been absent. The weekend was not all bad though as I got to see my love, Allen, in Cullman, Alabama at his grandparents. Since he is camp counseling in Alabama for the summer, I'll be making random trips down to see him when he has breaks. We visited the Ave Maria Grotto built by Brother Joseph, and it was absolutely stunning. I'll be posting those pictures tomorrow with a better description. Allen and I also went to Smith lake for Memorial Day (which was MUCH too freezing for my blood), and he showed me around some thrift stores. His grandparents were utterly adorable and his grandmother spoiled me with an abundance of good food. The house was so cute (especially the Teddy Roosevelt on the piano) with all their old furniture and country style decorations. My favorites were the cabinets and the couches. I also met their dog Bandit who was the same size as me basically, and is only 18 months. I still have scratches and bruises from rough housing with him. It was a fun filled vacation of 2 days, and I can not wait to see Allen again this coming Friday.

 Till next time,



  1. So sorry to hear about the key-inconvenience.

  2. Aw, what cute photos of the three of you :) I wish I had that kitchen. And those curtains. And that... lasagne? I'm going to believe it's lasagne.

  3. What a beautiful place!! Thats exacly what I would picture a southern grandparents home to look like. Sorry about your keys, thats terrifying!! When my car was stolen once I had a key ring with all of my house watching clients keys on it in the glove compartment!! Had to explain that to 6 clients... lucky the names wernt on anything, i color coded and nothing ever came of it. Glad you had a great weekend! Cute boy!!


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