Monday, May 6, 2013

Falling Into Place

I'm sitting here in tears at how wonderfully everything is coming together. 
I was so nervous about making candidacy for my highly competitive program, and about what I was going to do with my summer, but as of today everything is planned, and I am calm. I'll have a full load of Summer classes to up my GPA and increase my chances of making it into the Audio Production program. That settles the uneasiness I felt about what I am to do all Summer. I also found out that if I do not make candidacy, I do not lose my scholarship (It's a scholarship that allows me to pay in state tuition at MTSU) as previously thought. I could apply for candidacy and be rejected 100 times and not lose my scholarship! I repeat, I WILL NOT LOSE MY SCHOLARSHIP! PHEEEEEEEEEW! I almost hugged my adviser. 

Some icing on the cake: My biology credit eventually transferred from the community college I went to, and I don't have to take anymore biology classes. SAWEEEET! No more prerequisites!

When I first brought them home. They were already spoiled from the get go.
Lilly is a sock thief. She also likes to spread them all over the place. 

BIG IMPORTANT NEWS! I get my kitties, Lilly and Sheik, back. My apartment didn't allow pets last year, but now they allow pets so I can live with my babies again!!! I'm looking at photos of them, and that's probably definitely the reason for the tears. I am so happy. I am so, so happy. I'm probably going to be one of those moms that cries a little too hard when they drop their kids off at college and constantly sends them care packages. Sorry future kids.

This is all just a really important life reminder for me that things do eventually work themselves out. There may be months of late nights and failures and some nights full of ice cream and snotty tissue mountains, but if you continue to work hard and want it badly enough, it will all fall into place. It always does. It reminds me of "Hell Week" in dance and theatre. In the week before the opening show, everything that could possibly go wrong does. Costumes aren't finished, people are forgetting their blocking (placements) and lines. I usually get sick. Watching the rehearsals you'd think the final productions were going to be complete flops. Truth be told, there's a sort of magic that takes place behind the curtains. This magic pulls everything together last minute, and as soon as the curtains are pulled, everything ends up going smoothly. Well that and all of the late nights of rehearsing with bloody feet and charlie horses...but we'll call it magic.

Till next time,



  1. Yay! I'm so glad that everything is working out for you!! AND YAY KITTIES!

  2. You deserve good things, hooray for happy times! xx

  3. You look so happy in these pics, its lovely to see. Your little fur babies are so CUTE!

  4. Yay! And yay! When we persevere, all our dreams come true.


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