Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sailor Sunday

It was yet another beautifully sunny day in South Carolina. We all sat inside and watched movies for Mother's Day. I have decided to postpone my mother's day post to tomorrow since I'm all tuckered out and want to give it justice. I have actually been really tired the past couple of days, and I am not really sure what my hormones are doing. I've also gained a good 7 pounds, but I am not sure if that's hormone related or all of the Dairy Queen Allen and I have been consuming (It's probably the Dairy Queen, but my hormones do have me a bloated mess which doesn't help). I have terrible hormones that never want to stay balanced for longer than a year and cause my body to go out of whack ( Like gain and lose 20 pounds whenever it so chooses, acne flair ups, extreme insomnia or excessive sleeping). Either way I'm going to try and eat better and exercise more. Allen and I think it all went to my booty anyways. Speaking of Allen, the poor dear is probably tired of hearing me talk about it (Sorry love!).

I LOVE this outfit. I made the shirt out of a 1980's dress I found in a friend's mother's closet. I also want to make a skirt out of the bottom of the dress, but I need a zipper and the know how first. The 1970's high waist jean shorts are my fantastic Goodwill find with Allen in February. They are definitely one of my favorite articles of clothing, and if I don't start trying to balance my hormones and eat well I'm going to grow out of them (They are already a good bit tighter than they were when I first got them)! The flower brooch, that matches perfectly with the blue stripes, is my great-grandmother's from the 40's. Since I've been home I've collected other jewelry and slips that were my great-grandmother's that I had left behind at my parent's house and I'm excited to bring them back with me to Murfreesboro.

1970's High Waist Jean Shorts: Goodwill
Sailor crop shirt: 1980's dress modified by me
Shoes:All Things Possible 
Vintage Brooch: My Great Grandmother's

Till next time,



  1. *sigh* Beautiful outfit. Just beautiful.

  2. you are just so gorgeous Miss Jess. Your booty is pretty darn hot if you don't mind me saying ;)

  3. I also love this outfit! So cute! And I definitely say go for it with the succulents!! You can always start with a cactus because you have to TRY and kill those things, they'll live for weeks without water, even if they fall or break they just kinda keep going - so hardy!

  4. Holy crap you're cute. That top is too perfect and I loooooove those shorts! I wish I could wear shorts like that but it would just not work. You gained 7 pounds in your HAIR maybe. You know you have the teensiest waist ever.


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