Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little Snaps

 Today has been another lazy day for me, I've been watching the Halloweentown series marathon on Disney all day (I'll never be too old for that). I went out to a last minute Halloween party last night and I'm pooped! I've had the apartment to myself all day since my roommate is away, and I took advantage of it by playing my piano. It's been waaaaaay too long, I just don't like practicing around people. I also picked up Anna Karenina and Uncle Tom's Cabin, and I already dove headfirst into Uncle Tom's Cabin. I've always wanted to read it and just never got to it (To be honest, it is for school, but we had free reign on whatever book we wanted to do it on). I'm actually going to go take a shower and head to bed early. I have a little infection, and I just want to eat some soup and rest it off. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Caturday =].

Till next time,


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