Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Haven

Welcome to my haven, my catcher of dreams, my comfort. Where flights of fancy are engaged and conceptions birthed, where tears are stowed and hopefully Colin Firth. 
Ha, I was almost serious for a moment there. I love my bed. I seek a lot of comfort in my bed, and I've never been let down. Long nights of talking to Patrick, watching films, taking photographs, snuggling, fighting, crying, kissing, laughing, dreaming, reading, drawing, eating, healing...A lot goes on in that bed of mine, and I don't know that I will find a place that I feel more safe in (Besides Patrick's arms. Cue vomit).

 Where do you feel safest and most at ease?



  1. the last picture is so lovely. I feel most at ease on my big comfy couch, working on an embroidery, watching a good film with Mr Twiglet with Colin perched on my shoulder!

  2. Hi, Jess!

    This is such a beautiful post. Such perfect colors and each shot is perfectly captured.

    Now as for your question, I feel most at ease when I'm alone in the woods. The solitude and simplicity of it is astounding and no words or companions are needed.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I used to live on 40 acres of woods so I definitely know what you mean.


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