Monday, October 29, 2012

Peplum and Circumstance

I am in love with the peplum trend, I think these shirts would flatter just about any one. I saw this yellow beauty on Mod Cloth's home page and had to style an outfit around it (I have so much fun doing these!). I don't have a peplum top yet, but you bet your bottom I'm going to by the end of the year. 
These shoes are freaking incredible. I adore the rich color and the detailing on the back. It reminds me of a blue velvet skirt I saw on tumblr today that I fell in love with. I think this outfit would be perfect for a dinner date or to see a play. 

As far as the weather goes, the winds here are getting pretty intense. Whenever it really picks up it sounds like a train outside making it extra spooky for Halloween =]. I think Tuesday I'm going to go to some thrift stores, and see if I can pick up some goodies! 

Till next time!


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