Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo Drop-Off

The above photos were taken on my lovely, lovely day off Wednesday. I made breakfast and Allen and I ate it on the balcony as we enjoyed the warm, sunny weather. I then picked some flowers to put in my room and walked to campus to read and snap some more photos.

The below photos were taken by the wonderful and handsome Allen. He makes me smile and so do these photos. There's even a sneak peak of my favorite crop top I have that I "made" out of a dress I thrifted. We're making our weekly Friday trip to City Cafe tomorrow for breakfast and I am so excited. Do you have weekly things that you do?

Till next time,



  1. While there are many reasons I visit your site, the visuals are certainly one of them. I bask in their glow. And a record-player! Reminds me of my youth when vinyl was all we had.

  2. You always have such lovely photos and these are no exception. The owl is so cute!


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