Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I bought myself a couple of records last Friday whenever Allen and I biked to Little Shop of Records. Allen made a comment about how we were going to have a lot more classical music now that I had a reason to buy records (since he moved his record player to my apartment), and I said, "Nahh probably not." He must know me better than I know me, because once I found the $1 record section and saw all my favorite operas/classical pieces I couldn't help myself. The record shown above has my favorite Puccini/Verdi arias, and I thought it was cute how it matched my rug. The crate is a little sumpin sumpin that I found in the storage trailor on our family property and decided to house the records in. It's my grandmothers, and the "Dray S." refers to my Uncle Drayton who was apparently pretty smitten with a "Mechell S." I love finding old pieces that give little glimpses into the past. 

This ensemble I'm wearing is from Outreach Thrift (if you've kept up with my blog this is obviously a favorite store) and it is so light and comfortable and a godsend for 80 degree weather. The top and the skort are from the 90's, but I think it could pass as a modern go at a 1960's beach outfit. I just fell head over heels for the colors and couldn't wait for a warm day to wear them. The skort got a bit wrinkly from me sweating and sitting in the sun, but I hope you don't mind.

Vintage Top:Outreach Thift
Vintage Skort:Outreach Thrift
Necklace: Vintage/Grandmother's
Shoes: Gift from Mom

Till next time,



  1. Love the outfit. And you, especially, look so good in it.

  2. You look fantastic Ms Jess! I am making it official: you are my number 1 lady crush! xx

  3. You look amazing! Love the soft pastels, they make you look so beautiful! :D

  4. This outfit looks so ready for spring and summer, it's so colorful :) BTW, don't worry about the wrinkles in your skort, I didn't even notice until you mentioned them!

  5. What a great Spring outfit! Definitely jealous of that weather right now haha!



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