Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two's a Party

I got this little beauty at Outreach Thrift, and I am in loooooove. Gingham is already my favorite pattern, and I couldn't resist the flower detailing along the straps. I at first thought it was a dress and was absolutely thrilled when I saw that it was a romper. The shorts reached down to my knees so I shortened those up and went on my way. Allen and I went over to the park in hopes of enjoying the river and taking pictures, but in good ole Murfreesboro fashion it dropped 5 degrees and started raining. We didn't let the weather stop us from enjoying the day though, and we went to this store called Media Rerun and played around in there before going grocery shopping. I then made scrumptious garlic and herb cheese stuffed mushrooms with buttered noodles, but I'll have to post more on that deliciousness tomorrow.

I couldn't help but snap a few photos of Allen who also got his shirt from Outreach. I think he is one of the few guys who can really pull off Hawaiian shirts, but maaaybe I'm a biased opinion. To be honest, I don't really like snap-backs, but we won't tell him I said that. Guh he's so handsome.

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  1. Gorgeous. I love rompers and these is one of the best I've seen. Terrific design, pretty color and you shortened it to the perfect length. What a winner!

  2. Super cute romper, I love the flowers at the rim!


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