Monday, April 1, 2013

Happily Miserable

Skirt:Vintage/Outreach Thrift
Earrings: Vintage/Thrift

I decided to call this my "Channeling Enid" outfit, because she wears the prettiest skirts with the neatest accessories you'd ever seen (also because this skirt looks a lot like this skirt of hers and the earrings remind me of her). I even upped my accessory wearing today in honor of her. She's the coolest person ever, and it's probably a good thing she lives far away, because I'd basically move in without asking (Is that creepy?). Today was warm and real sunny, and I have a rosy nose, because I sat outside and read more on Anna Karenina for about an hour and a half. Allen, Zach and I then went to Moe's, and I ate my body weight in chips. If I wasn't full enough then, Allen and I biked to Sonic, and I scarfed down an Oreo blast like I'm not lactose intolerant and like it isn't going to rip out my stomach later. I should just call this day, "Jessica makes herself happily miserable." Oh it was so worth it though it was such a lovely day. I'm overfull, sun burnt, and my legs are on fire from biking, and it's such a glorious feeling. How was your Monday?

Till next time,



  1. Woah, so I'm reading Anna Karenina right now too! (Even though it's going to take me about a decade.)

    Also, I think that your close-up/detail shots are always really well composed. Like the aperture and natural lighting always seem calm and perfect.

  2. you are the best, thank you so much. It is totally not creepy at all, you are welcome to move in whenever you fancy! I too have lactose issues and every now and then decide I really do need to eat an ice cream, only to spend the next hour or so hanging out in the toilet. Sorry, I may have over shared with that! Love you pretty lady xx

  3. You poor sausage, what a hard time you're having. I have a necklace very similar to that one, same clasp and everything but the front of mine has the eiffel tower on it.

  4. I thought I liked your skirt but, wow!, those earrings!

  5. I didn't expect purple to look good with salmon/orange, but it looks really nice here!

  6. Great outfit and the earrings are amazing! I hope the Oreo ice cream didn't make you too ill...


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