Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tank:Outreach Thrift
Jeans:Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Gift/Dana Buchman

I have to introduce to you these fabulous, high rise, BGD skinny jeans! I have been wanting these puppies for YEARS, and the only place that seemed to be selling high rise jeans that I liked was Urban Outfitters. UO is just too pricey for me, and I was not going to pay $58 for jeans plus shipping. Well last week I got an email from Urban about free shipping, and I thought, "Oh cool, but I'm still not paying $58 for a pair of jeans." UNTIL! I saw that all jeans were $39. It isn't thrift store prices, but y'all I have been wanting these jeans for "YEARS," so I bought them without hesitation after searching through reviews for help on sizing. I've worn these pants out twice now, and I feel so confident and unbelievably comfortable because of the stretchy fabric. Although this outfit may make it seem like it's sunny and warm here, it was overcast and didn't break 50 degrees today, and I could just outright scream. I wore a cardigan and my leather jacket over the tank, but my poor tootsies about froze off by the end of the day from exposure. Much to my dismay it's supposed to be like this the rest of the week. I'm about to go to the weather manager and give him a piece of my mind. "It is Spring!" is what I will keep yelling until the people in control of the weather will wake up and make spring-like weather happen.

Here's a song that's been stuck in my head all day. I want to start adding in music to my posts again, because it puts me in good moods, and maybe it'll put you in a good mood too =].


Till next time,



  1. I like thrift shopping, but every now and then I have to hit the 'regular' shops because some things are just really rare in thrift shops.

    The pants look good on you :D I love the top too, wish we had good weather so I can get the cute shirts out of my closet -_-

  2. You have the most gorgeous hair ever. The jeans are great, high waisted dark denim is very retro and always cute. Feel free to come and take some of our warm weather away, I could really do with some cool days now its April and supposedly Autumn... Hmmm....lousy weather managers.

  3. You are adorably cute! Love you hair and jeans that make you feel confident are so important!

    Random aside: I recommend this blog post because I can't reply straight to your comments a lot of the time. It's really helpful and easy to follow. Check it out!


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