Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baddest Girl on Campus

Today was 85 degrees and sunny and was absolutely amazing. Allen and I rode our bikes to the square in Murfreesboro and checked out the shops. Jenna of Kitty Cat Stevens told me about these thrift shops on South Church Street, and I'm SO GLAD she did, because one of the antique shops is so utterly amazing, and the lady who owned it was super sweet. It had so many cool trinkets and furniture and I have my eye set on a pink 50s dress, and I'll be completely heart broken if it's gone the next time I go in with money. We also stopped by Little Shop of Records and picked up some Marvin Gaye, Cat Power and Simon and Garfunkel.   Allen has graciously moved his record player to my apartment which is apparently a huge deal, and I'm pretty grateful and stoked about that. 

As far as my outfit goes, this is a shirt I made about a year and a half ago paired with this OH SO AMAZING SKIRT I FOUND IN OUTREACH THRIFT! It basically jumped into my arms, and it is now one of my favorites. It's so unique and colorful, and I feel like I should be frolicking in a field. I was super happy and confident in this outfit since I got 14 compliments in 3 hours. I even got told I was the "baddest girl on campus" and I'm never letting that comment be forgotten. Anyways, enough gloating here are more photos. I decided to try putting the text in the middle of the post to see if I like that better. I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday. I'm so glad Spring is officially here...finally.

Skirt-Outreach Thrift


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! Also, Allen is all kinds of awesome for moving his record player to your place. We have 3 record players in our little house, there is nothing nicer than listening to all the little crackles and idiosyncrasies of a vinyl record xx

  2. No doubt you attracted all those compliments! Amazing outfit. Glad you're having fun with your life.

  3. i'm so glad you found some great things at those shops! the thrift stores were possibly my favorite part of living in murfreesboro. . . (well, besides eating at camino!)


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