Friday, November 9, 2012

Mustard Up the Courage

Hello lovely readers! I'm lying in bed headache free as I write this (huzzah!). I feel great, and everything is just wonderful right now. The news with school is everything is fine. I worried and made a huge fuss over almost nothing. I tend to stress over hypothetical situations, the what ifs and the what could happens, and it's kind of silly since they probably won't even happen. My dad has always told me that the majority of the things we worry about either don't happen or weren't as bad as we thought they would be (Kind of ironic since I got my worrying trait from him!). Basically, I thought that I wouldn't be able to apply for candidacy into the recording in music program and would have to go back home and start over with a new major (Bleh! It makes me nauseous to think about that). BUT! It turns out that I CAN apply for the program at the end of the semester, and I have two tries to get in before I lose my scholarship and are forced to withdraw. PHEW! I really hope I get in the first try, but it's comforting knowing I have another shot if I don't make it this time. You have no idea how relieved I am. My poor mister had to deal with me crying and fussing and sometimes taking it out on him (I'm sorry, love!).  Well enough about that, here's my outfit for the day!

The temperature miraculously jumped from 47 degrees to 64 in a day. I guess I don't mind the breaks from the cold, but the fluctuations make me physically ill. Back in dance we could always predict when it was going to rain or there was going to be a cold snap, because our knees would hurt and squeak, haha! Because of this warm day, I was able to wear my short sleeves again, and I happily paired it with my favorite pair of pants I have. I've never owned a pair of mustard skinny jeans before, and I'm glad Patrick and I saw these at Belk and I went out of my comfort zone and got them (I never liked my legs and never wanted to bring attention to them).

--->Speaking of Belk, Belk sucks. Sorry for the bluntness, but seriously I've never been so disappointed in a clothes selection in my life. I have a $60 gift card to Belk, and I was able to find these pants for $30, but I can not for the life of me spend the other $30. If I, Jessica Lynn, can not seem to able to spend $30 in a clothing store...we have a problem. The clothes look cheaply made, the store was dirty and unorganized, and I got STUCK in between the clearance racks, because they had them shoved into a corner. I remember when I was younger and going into Belk was magical, because everything was so pristine and nice and the decorations were beautiful. Ugh, you're really going downhill. I don't mean to be a negative Nancy, but that's just no bueno.

 I did love how confident I felt in this outfit. I had another one laid out, but for some reason I changed my mind and went for this one. I like those days where you instinctively just pick out an outfit and mix together different pieces that you'd never thought of putting together before. Sometimes it doesn't exactly work, but I think I did well today! Now onto the 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge!

Day 10: Cute Tights!

I think this picture kind of looks like a coiled up snake :). I went with my favorite pair of tights that were a gift from my wonderful mother. They're neat looking and really soft and challenge me when making outfits around them. I also had a ton of fun taking these pictures!

And my overalls are making a guest appearance :D

I didn't mean to have this post so wordy, or maybe it's not too wordy, and I'm just being paranoid. I never know where the cut off points are for text in a post, oh well. I hope everyone had a swell week and is as happy as I am right now. I'm so, so relieved and stress free...for now. See you tomorrow with another post and challenge =].

Till next time,



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! You have a gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking blog

  2. yay, I am glad you are now stress free :) Love the cute tights pictures xxx

    1. Thank you so much!!! I was so happy when I saw that you found me and added me on facebook =D

  3. Adorable tights and jeans- you look awesome! I'm so glad you're stress free over school, at least for a little while. Right now I'm having a problem with my school and it sucks!

    1. Blek, I hope that goes better for you =] My stress free moments are few and far between so I'm really soakin it in for now!


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