Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tiny Dancer

 I haven't  had a ballet class in about a year, but I still dance wherever I can. I wish there was a free early morning Saturday technique class, but as there is none, I make do with what space I have in the apartment. For someone who loves late nights and sleeping in, you wouldn't expect early Saturday morning dance classes to have been my favorite, but they were. I loved slinking out of bed, rolling my wet hair into a bun and slowly waking up to tondus and plies at the barre.
I do miss it a lot, some days more than others, but sometimes I have realistic dreams where I'm back in the studio dancing different variations en pointe, and I can hear the piano and my instructor guiding me with her voice in the background. I'm never sad when I wake up like other people experience when they wish their dreams were real, rather I feel happy that I could do it in the dream world, and I look forward to the next night of dancing.
Ballet will always be in my heart and never a distant memory. I will continue to dance until I can not dance anymore, and then I will dream of dancing until I am no longer.

Till next time,


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