Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's the Holiday Season

 Happy Wednesday to you all! I just got back from my class, and I am super stoked to show you my little Christmas decorations around my apartment. I told myself I wouldn't post the photos until December 1st at least, but I got too excited (sorry to those of you who dislike early celebrators!) I don't have too many as I spend December and most of January at home, but I still like having a little something at the apartment (My parent's house is where the real deal decorations will be and I'll definitely be showing you those). I live for how much cozier Christmas decorations make your house feel, and the sense of togetherness the season brings. It's my favorite holiday, and I hope to share with you some of the special moments I have over the next month.

 My outfit today was very casual, and nothing too special. Well, except for my new faux leather coat. I found it at Columbiana Grande Mall's Belk in Irmo, SC, which made me feel so much better than Murfreesboro's (refer to this post) since it was much nicer and cleaner. I love the color and it feels already broken in and comfy. I have been wanting a faux leather jacket, but I've been so picky about the style and color. I'm glad Patrick was with me when I got it, because without his encouragement I probably would've left that one behind as well (thanks love!).

I really should invest in a tripod. I don't mind posing on my bed (and it's kind of become a signature), but it would be so much easier to take far away shots if I had a tripod and remote, and I could take pictures elsewhere other than on my bed in the apartment. Oh well, for now I'm still content with what I've been doing, and I'll be home with different scenery in a week anyways!

Long Sleeve:TJMaxx
Jeans:TJ Maxx
Vest w/ faux fur collar:Gift/Belk
Jacket: Belk
Necklace: Boyfriend's

I'm going to go get ready for my next class and fix me some left over turkey for lunch.
Till next time,



  1. I have wanted a necklace like that for forever! So jealous. I think your outfit is super adorable and I love your new jacket. I haven't been in a Belk in so long I thought they'd all gone out of business!

    1. I wish I could tell you the store he got it from, but I don't know! He put it on me after 2 months of dating and I haven't taken it off since. Yeah I think Belk is a southern thing haha. The one in Murfreesboro needs to shape up or go out of business, but the ones in South Carolina are lovely and booming.


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