Monday, November 26, 2012

Titles are for Chumps

I'm back from my Thanksgiving hiatus! I would like to say that I have a bunch of photos to share with you, but I did not pick up my camera at all the past week and a half that I was home in SC. The break felt so much longer than it really was, and I enjoyed seeing and spending time with my loved ones. The first night I got there I went to support my love in downtown Columbia as he and a few others sang at Jasper magazine's    ...I'm not really sure what you'd call it actually. They were celebrating their newest issue that featured Patrick and about 7 other actors and actresses around Columbia, SC. It was really nice, and I could not be more proud of him. I wish I had the centerfold picture to show you, but it looked amazing and Patty Melt was sexy as usual. I do; however, have a few cell phone pictures of Finlay Park in Columbia from when I went with Patrick and photos of my outfit today!

Finlay Park (which I think is now called Riverfront Park?), though it's the hangout for a bunch of bums, really is beautiful. The leaves in South Carolina took longer to change than in Murfreesboro so I got to experience two different falls, and it really complemented some of the man made scenery at the park. It was also that special kind of warm where it's chilly in the shade, but the sun seems to bake right through you. It's Patrick's favorite kind of warmth. That was my third favorite day of the vacation. I'll have to share my second and first favorite in tomorrow's post. For now, onto my outfit!

Confession time. I've worn this outfit for the past 3 days. I haven't taken it off. Seriously. The only thing I did was take off my shoes whenever I went to bed. I packed up everything Saturday night, and so I didn't have any other clothes (Yeah, I could have kept some out to change into, but ehhh). Good thing I love it so much and it's really comfortable, but now I need to retire it to the wash...pronto. I found this J. Crew infinity scarf on the ground of a Wholefoods. I asked if it was anyone's and no one claimed it so I snatched it up. I also got this "ballet pink" skater skirt from Target. I'm currently obsessed with skater skirts and how flattering they are. I love that this length is long and the fabric is thicker than it looks.

 It was a rather long day. Not the kind of long like when I'm with Patrick and we pack really fun things in and it ends up feeling like several different days, but a tiring and boring long day. I'm ready to study my ass off for these finals and get the heck out of dodge. I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be one for the books =].

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  1. Um, if I had that outfit I would wear it all the time, too. You look rockin'. That is seriously the cutest outfit ever. I am currently trying to find skirts like that to wear and it's great on you.

    1. Oh thank you :3. I've had my luck around ebay actually. Target is just now getting on the skater skirt train too =].


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