Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Dreams That Leave All Worries Behind You

Finals are next week, and I am definitely starting to feel it today. I got really overwhelmed looking at all the work I have for the next week and a half and I lied down and cried, haha. That's usually how I handle most things I have to do, I get really overwhelmed at first and have this horrible feeling in my chest, I cry, I moan that it's too much to handle, and then I am fine and I realize that it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be. I mean people I act this way whenever I have more than 2 errands to run in a day, yeah, that's a glimpse of what it's like living with terrible anxiety. I went to a therapist with the help of my grandpa when I was 18 and after she diagnosed me pure OCD, I stopped going to her. I felt like all I needed to know was that something was out of the ordinary and then I could adjust accordingly; I know the problem so now I can fix it. I just wanted someone to tell me that, yes, what I'm experiencing isn't normal. I tried talking with my parents about it, but I was just told I wanted attention. Mom was easier to talk to and more supportive and tried to get me on medicine, but I didn't want that. It's a struggle, and I know how I react to some things is silly and over the top, but at least now I can tell myself that it's just the anxiety talking and that everything is going to be okay. For once in my life I also have a boyfriend who is very supportive and understanding which is helpful too. Just writing this post has helped me calm down, I feel better getting it off my chest.

I picked up this vintage secretary blouse at His House for a dollar, and I came home and immediately showed my mom and said, "How ugly is this?!" I meant it endearingly though, because I absolutely love it. You know the saying, "It's so ugly, it's cute." I feel that way about some pugs. Well I love it paired with my high waist shorts even if the shorts do need a good lint brushing (Oops).

My skin is painfully dry still. I picked up some Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin, and I'm still using my Olay regenerist serum, but my skin is still itchy and flaky. I haven't worn makeup since I got back to Murfreesboro, and I haven't felt like doing anything with my hair either. I desperately need a haircut, but I'm saving up my money for people's Christmas gifts. I'm so excited about what I've gotten so far! =]

Blouse: Vintage/His House
Shorts: F21
Tights: ?
Shoes: TJ Maxx

I hope everyone is having a much calmer Thursday than I am. I'm prep talking myself into going to Walmart and picking up some breakfast burritos and soup. I've also left a little song that calms me down.

Till next time,



  1. So much - I relate to your anxiety feeling and it was a HUGE relief when I found out I had anxiety and that I wasn't actually as crazy as I felt. I literally just wrote about anxiety on the blog last night. Great minds.... And I too love Elle and Louis. Lastly, love the outfit! Definitely cute and I like the "so ugly it's cute" blouse.

    1. Oh I just read that post I'll have to go over and comment on it =]. It's nice knowing you're not the only one who feels that way and other people truly understand what it's like.

      Oh yes! Louis Armstrong is my dad's favorite =D. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. That shade of green looks so beautiful on you and I am dying over those shorts, cute! xo

    1. Thank you so much =] I ordered them online and was SO excited when they fit as well as they did.


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