Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Carolina Girl

I'm back from a spontaneous, last minute trip to South Carolina. I was really missing my mister, and at 4pm on Saturday I decided to just up and go see him. I came back to a very crisp 40 degrees and grey skies. I love it. If it continues to rain when it gets down to 30 tonight, it might even snow! It's a little early for such winter weather, but I'm soaking it in since I know once I get back to South Carolina for December and January, it'll be in the 60's and I'll be grumpy about it. I wanted to cry one Christmas when I was wearing shorts and a tank top, and could have roasted my chestnuts in the hot sun. That's enough Christmas talk out of me though since it's not even Thanksgiving! 

Since I've been gone for a couple of days, I decided to double triple up on my blogger challenge (Gee, I should be on day 8 so I'm already dropping the ball!). I meant to post it last night, but I was consumed with the election and catching up on everyone's blogs, which is honestly my favorite part of coming back from a little hiatus. So without further ado!

Day 4:Your favorite print.
Gingham! Gingham is a print right? Well it's definitely my favorite. It's so vintage and cute and reminds me of sunny picnics in the park. I have gingham shorts, shirts, and coats, but no gingham dresses. This baffles me since dresses are also my favorite articles of clothing, so I'm going to have to get on finding an adorable gingham dress.

Day 5: Your best bargain.
I know I've talked about this bag before, because it's my favorite at the moment. It's vintage Firenze leather from Italy, and I found it at His House for $1.00. The straps are worn and tearing, but even in this condition it would be waaaaay more than $1.00 (I saw one very similar to it selling for $160). Patrick found it for me, and I instantly was in love with it.

Day 6: Something out of your comfort zone, but you love it.
Crop tops. I love crop tops, but I am still self conscious about my midriff showing. This has gotten much better since the first time I wore a crop top last May, but I still can't say I'm 100% confident wearing them. That isn't going to stop me, however, and I'm going to continue building my crop top collection and seeking to feel 150% confident in them!

Before I go, here's a little peak at my outfit for the day.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I am running around like crazy trying to figure out school issues and whatnot. Speaking of which, I need to get ready for my next class!

Till next time,



  1. I love gingham, my Grandma used to have a red gingham table cloth in her kitchen and whenever I see red gingham I think of the smell of toast and strawberry jam.
    Also, I am very jealous you might get snow. I haven't seen snow in sooooo long. Make a snow man for me :) xxx

    1. That's really sweet. Whenever I smell moth balls I think of my grandmother 0_0.
      We didn't get any snow, but I did wake up to EXTREME fog which was also pretty neat. =]

  2. Cute little dress! BTW love your little leather purse, super adorable. Sounds like your doing well, keep it up! :3

    1. Oh why I am doing well, thank you! I may need to superglue the straps together where they are torn, but I think it's lovely.


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