Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogger Challenge

I've decided to take on this 31 day fashion blogger challenge for November. November doesn't have 31 days, but I figured I could double up today and even it out. I really like these challenges and used to do them a lot on Tumblr, but I'd like to think I've made a step up with this one =]. Hopefully you all like it as well. 

As I was walking to class yeterday, I saw this guy in a long leather trench coat, leather boots, black jeans, a top hat and huge pink sunglasses. At first I thought, "Huh, that dude has some wacky style." but then I remembered how into Halloween my University gets, and I saw several more costumes walking to and from class. The bus I was on almost hit a Luigi on a bike! I wish I had gone back and taken pictures of the costumes to show you (Bad blogger award goes to...). But anyways, here's a snippet of my outfit instead:

My favorite dress+red granny sweater+tights&legwarmers+boots. It doesn't get any more "me" than that... or comfy. Now onto the Challenge.

31 day Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 1: Your wardrobe.

There are no lions or witches in this wardrobe, it is just too small! It's also TOO messy to show all of it to you (i.e. there is a mound I call Mt. Shoesaplenty on the floor of the closet), but I promise I am going to be getting organized soon. Also there are a lot of clothes in my chest of drawers* that is not pictured. 

*I, for the longest time, thought it was called "chester drawers," I guess that's what you get when you grow up in the South Eastern United States where people take away syllables and add r's. 

Day 2: You have the most...

Tights and leotards! Being in dance for 19 years, I have acquired quite the collection of leotards and tights, not even counting my fashion tights. I'm wanting to go to the store to get even more tights too-you really can't have too many. 

I hope y'all like the 31 day challenge, and I hope I can keep up with it! I'll try to post them amongst other things to keep it interesting. I trust everyone had a wonderful Halloween, and are just as ready and excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas as I am. It means I get to spend a whole 2 months in SC with my mister and family! Umm...I never know how to end these things.

Till next time!



  1. Oh I love this! I am quite positive your closet is more organized than mine. I like that you have lots of tights and I wish I had more! What a fun combo with the dress and "granny sweater". I like your style!

    1. Thank ya =]. I just need to better organize my shoes! I have 2 shoe racks I need to get from my 'rents. Also, that sweater was a $1.50 thrift find =].


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