Sunday, June 9, 2013

What the Folk?

 I woke up to a wonderful thunderstorm today. The thunder shook the apartment and the lightening flashes danced along the walls. I love summer storms and watching them out of my window. This week Murfreesboro is having the annual International Folk Fest. I've never seen it before so I am really excited and I can't wait to see what it's all about and take pictures! Then I get to see my darling dearest Friday, and you'll hear me gush about that more later so that's all  I'll say about that. The sun has popped it's eager head out now, and so I think I will bike down to the square to see if any activities are going on there (Ha! I rhymed)! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend. My mood has lifted, and I am very thankful for that.

Shirt: Thrifted-Outreach Thrift
Shorts: Thrifted-Goodwill
Socks: TjMaxx
Shoes: Target
Head wrap: F21
Bracelet:Gift   \
Earrings:Gift --All from Mom
Ring:gift           /

 Till next time,



  1. Lovely photos. Hope you enjoy the Folk Fest. BTW, who takes your pictures?

    1. I take my own pictures with a tripod and remote. You can see the remote near my feet in the 3rd and last picture haha oops!

  2. Miss Jess! So sorry I haven't "been around" lately, things have been kinda terrible here. I have a package all wrapped up for you and will try and pop it in the post tomorrow after work if I get to the post office in time. I adore your hair in these pictures xx

  3. Cool boots! Summer storms are the best, I love the feeling of being safe and dry while the skies rage.


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