Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All Tied Up

Wow, thank you all for the great reception I got on the last post. I was afraid that it wouldn't be read since it was on the longer end, but I loved opening up and showing a little more about myself. Every post won't be like that, but I'd like to keep it up. Today was actually a pretty good day despite the fact that all of it was spent in the library. I guess it's a good thing I ended up looking like a bit of an IT guy who shrunk his tie in the wash (I say this affectionately!!). I also got to talk to Mister Man for a whole 57 minutes!! Ah! We had quite the lovely conversation and even though I spent only 20 minutes of it in the sun, I burned up like the crumbs that fall into the drip pan on the stove! (See what wonderful similes you get when you read my stuff? WIN!)

Speaking of the tie though, I saw it in the kids section of the thrift store, and I don't know why, but my mind told me, "Jessica, you must buy it and wear it." "With what?" I asked my mind. "Everything." it replied. So that's basically the story of how I acquired this tiny little clip-on tie that I love oh so much. It'll probably be making more appearances and not really make sense with my outfit, but I honestly don't care. I think if I'm confident enough about it, it'll work itself out. Right?! Right. Maybe it'll catch on, because I'm so cool (heh, right).

Oh goodness, I do have some wonderful news! I get to see Allen Friday...BUT ALSO! I'm going to Iceland and Boston with my grandparents for my birthday possibly! Why is this exciting for you, reader? I don't know...I guess, because you'll get to see totally cool photos and get some neato Iceland facts like: Iceland has more than 20 volcanoes and the energy of the Iceland volcanoes and vents is used by geothermal power stations and supplies the heating to around 85% of all households. WOW! Thanks Jessica! I'm probably mostly excited about the horses and puffins and Kleina pastries, but I'm also excited to have some quality time with the G's (grandparents). Just don't ask me to try and translate/name anything, because holy frijole that is one confusing language (i.e. Svalbar├░sstrandarhreppur -No that's not a sneeze, that's a city name). Well that's all I've got for this post. I hope everyone is having a glorious week!

Till next time,



  1. That tie is adorbs! And I've always wanted to visit Iceland. I hope you go and report back on it.

  2. ahhh that's so exciting about iceland! i've always wanted to go— can't wait to hear all about it!

    that tie is great— i found a little clip on bowtie at the thrift store once and i put on shirts, collars, and wear it in my hair sometimes. they are great. you're great! this blog is greatttttt

  3. Ha! This post made me laugh. Speaking to your man clearly puts you in a good mood. Iceland sounds very exciting! I don't think I'll try the small tie style because it would look rather silly on my large girls, but you pull it off very well :)

  4. Omg Iceland!! Thats amazing!! You will have so much fun.. they have the *CUTEST* ponies in the history of the planet. Seriosly, look up icelandic horses. The tie is super adorable. I love the posts where we get to see more you! Its hard to open up and basically have it public but its a nice way to reflect on your life and see how others view it too. You lead an exceptional life, so no comparing, simply celebrating our selves!! :D


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