Monday, June 10, 2013


 Whenever I buy dresses and skirts and shorts from thrift stores, they are 90% of the time longer than what I want. I'm 5'8" so it's not because I am petite, the vintage styles were just longer than what we wear now. I pretty much go through this procedure with all of them. It's simply just cutting off extra fabric and hemming, but I've been asked how I do this, and I am happy to oblige! 

First Step: The first thing I do is put on the dress and mark with a pin where I'd like it to hit. 

Step 2: Then I measure from the bottom of the skirt up to where I have the pin to see how many inches around the skirt I need to cut off. It ended up being 13.5 I then placed pins all around the skirt at 13.5 in from the bottom. 

Step 3: Then I cut a good inch below where I have the pins to leave enough room for error and hemming. 

Step 4Then I fold the end up twice, stitch it et voila! 

This is officially one of my favorite dresses I own. I LOVE the color and, as you know if you've followed me for a while, gingham is my favorite pattern. It's playful and perfect for hotter weather, and it goes perfectly with these new mint sandals I picked up from Forever 21 for $8.80. I'm extremely happy with this find. I'm also extremely happy with the fact that I get to see Allen in 4 days AH! Too bad mister is colorblind to orange. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and your Monday is off to a wonderful start or end. (Just noticed my button had come undone...woops! Also those are dead flower pedals at my feet...goodness this is just a wonderful mess of a post! =])

Dress: Thrifted-Outreach Thrift
Bracelet: Gift
Hat: Vintage/Grandmother's

 Till next time,



  1. Sorry for the comment spamming, but i got a little behind!! That would be my favorite dress too!! So cute! I love the mint thats in right now, got some nail polish that color :3

  2. Really cute! Don't you love seeing potential in hideous items? I love your little mustardy hat too.

  3. Beeyootiful color and print. And shortening it adds youthfulness to it. Great piece!


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