Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feministic Outrage

Because I'm trying to open up a bit more about myself on this blog, I decided today to talk about something that has very much been a part of my life since I was in Middle School: Feminism. Yup! Since Middle School. I've always been a strange gal with opinions and beliefs different from the southern republicans I grew up around (Not that they aren't great people, just doesn't leave much to talk about). I didn't have a lot of friends because of this (until I found theatre, and the crazy and lovable loons that inhabit it), but I just wasn't going to budge on my opinions and wasn't going to alter myself to get along with a certain set of people. I've always yelled and screamed and cried about how unfair it is that women are oversexualized and undermined, especially with how much I love comics, and delving into that could take up about 20 posts, nay, an entire blog itself (and there are some, I'd be happy to give you names).

I've boycotted many places with overtly sexualized ads of women, and people will say to me, "Do you really think that's going to make a difference?" Um it makes a difference to me? I know other people who stand up for what they believe in and boycott them too, and if more people did this it would definitely make a difference. Even if I was the only one, I'm not going to just throw my opinions out the window for a shitty Hardee's burger when they have soft-core porn commercials with women. I've also heard, "Oh you're just insecure and jealous, because you're not getting the attention." Also, WRONG YOU IGNORANT TWATS! I'm very happy with myself and receive much unwanted attention that I'm afraid to leave my damn apartment sometimes, because I'm constantly harassed. I won't go to any kind of club or bar setting without at least 3 girl friends or a guy. Just today a guy cornered me and asked me to go bowling with him in the LIBRARY!

I have my father to thank for a lot of this, because he instilled in me that I could be anything I damn well pleased, and I was no lesser than anyone or any gender. It's especially wonderful hearing this come from a man (This also helped me to see that there are wonderful, wonderful men out there, including my boyfriend, who want the best for everyone. I try not to be a He-Man Woman Hater like some tend to be). This is what has helped me through my major too. Audio Production classes have 3 females to 30 males...no lie. I've heard comments like, "Well, that'll be good for you! People will hire you so they can look at you!" UGHHH!!!! I could scratch their eyeballs out!!! They'll hire me, because I'm damn good at what I do!

I'm not saying being sexy is bad. I love sexy females. I love feeling sexy! It's when that's all you see. It's when that's all your gender is depicted as-sexy, inadequate, can't do things on her own- that it causes issues. I honestly just want equality. I want to not have to go out of my way to prove myself just because of my gender. I shouldn't have to go the extra leap to prove that I'm intelligent and independent just to make $.70 to every man's $1.00 (It's even lower for women of color!) Anyways. That's my shpeal. I am saving some of this rant for another time. Thank you if you read it. I hope it was coherent. I'm stepping off the soap box now. *Bows*

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  1. love you. love this. our souls are already best friends even though we haven't met in person yet.

    (could i be any creepier?! i definitely probably could!)

    1. Nooo it's not creepy at all!! I mean I thought this when I first found your blog so I'm glad it's mutual now ^-^. I'm still bummed I'm missing YET ANOTHER blogger meetup *sigh. Life will work out for me eventually.

    2. plz just bring your grandparents to the blogger meetup ;-)

      all my weekends are booked now until like july 20th but if you are in TN still for the summer then we should go to the nashville flea or meetup sometime even if ~everyone can't come! <3

  2. This is awesome. Also, I feel we have similar issues with unwanted attention. I was actually contemplating starting a blog about all the weird stuff that happens to me when I go out alone. Just last week an elderly man asked me if I would like to sit on his lap. We were at the bus stop. It was weird.

  3. Good politics. I admire your feminist awareness.

  4. Catching up here... A very coherent rant! Would like to see more of your thoughts so rant away! I'm interested to know your thoughts about women in comics because that's something I also have a few thoughts about. Breast-revealing leotard, anyone?


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