Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Best Friend

Allen is a huge part of my life and so I felt like he needed his own post. I've never had someone sweep in and make such an impact on my life as he has. I feel more motivated and confident, and I have him to partially thank for providing all of the support that he has. It's never gone overlooked or under-appreciated even if I didn't mention it. I've never had a partner show me the care that he has, and it is so, so wonderful. It's heavenly being able to relax and know that the person you're thinking about is thinking of you too, and cares for you just as deeply. I have never before had the luxury of standing by and knowing a boyfriend is trying their best to get in touch with me at the time they said they would, and he's at a camp in the middle of nowhere with no service except for on a hill. He brings out the best in me, and I still strive to be even better. I can even see improvement in the way I discuss/argue things which is new territory for me as I have tried this with other people, but it failed for one reason or another.
This guy makes me so incandescently happy. I anxiously await hearing his voice at night and have butterflies the entire time I'm talking with him. Whenever he was still in Murfreesboro, I'd anxiously await hearing his knock on the door, and my heart would jump into my throat as I'd run to the door as fast as I could.
I feel like we make the perfect little support team for each other, and with him by my side I feel as though I could take on the world. Just with this blog he is overly supportive and reads every post and actually enjoys them and thinks they're good. He's the one who gave me the extra push I needed to open an Etsy shop. He believes in me, and I can't begin to explain what that means. He believes in me and listens to me, and I can't get over how lucky I am for that.
I feel as though I can talk to him and confide in him anything, and I can completely relax and be myself. This is why he is my best friend. I would do anything for him and put his needs above mine in a heartbeat, and that's a new phenomenon for me. Sure I'm still selfish and immature at times (and I'm sorry about that), but this is the closest I've ever been to being completely selfless, and he makes it so easy. Sure we fight, we're both so similar that it does cause some butting of heads, but I'm never left feeling unresolved. I don't stay up and worry about it, because I know in the end we both really care for one another, and we will be fine. We're always back to smiling and in each other's arms one way or another.
Allen and I fit together so wonderfully and I count my blessings daily that I *get* to talk to him and be cared for by him. He's amazing and the greatest person I've ever met. His talents and looks are unsurpassable in my eyes. I look up to him and hope to continually be inspired by him for as long as it's permitted. He and our relationship truly are perfect.


  1. Aw... that is such a sweet little tribute post. You do seem truly smitten with your partner. It lifts my spirits to read words full of such love!

  2. Yay! What a lovely tribute. The best of friends inspire us to become better people. So glad to hear you have this special guy in your life.

  3. So cute!!He sounds wonderful. I know the feeling of "Wow, we're totally compatible" Enjoy the hell out of it! :3


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